How To Change Font In Notes iOS 13

iPhone lock and keyboard distorted sound issue

In today’s guide, I will show you all how to change font in notes iOS 13. However, make sure you read carefully and also adhere to all the listed instructions. If you own an iPhone device, you will find out that the Notes app is the most excellent method to stay organized. It allows you to … Read more

How To Change Font Size When Printing From iPhone

how to change font size when printing from iPhone

In today’s Techrul guide, I will show you how to change font size when printing from iPhone. Although you cannot change the font, you can change the size. By default, the iPhone prints extremely large even though the initial text was small. However, not everyone likes the standard settings because it doesn’t, look good when printed … Read more

How To Change Text Message Font Size On Samsung S10

how to change text bubble color on galaxy S10

Samsung S10 is a surpassing mid-range smartphone, and it comes with an excellent quality Super AMOLED display, which guarantees that you see everything with superb brightness. Nevertheless, if you do not fancy the default font size, you still have the option to change it. In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to change text message font … Read more

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel (A-Z Guide)

how to monetize your YouTube channel

If you are searching for how to monetize your youtube channel, you just landed at the right place because today we will be discussing everything about YouTube monetization. We all know that YouTube is one of the most reliable and legitimate ways of making money online. Many people are interested in video blogging, but the major problem is … Read more

How To Get Unlimited 4G Data For Free

How To Get Unlimited 4G Data For Free

In this article, I’m going to show reveal how to get unlimited 4G data for free. But before then, make sure you have all the requirements to enable you to enjoy this endless free data. Data is getting expensive on a daily basis and not everyone can be able to afford the money to purchase … Read more

How To Use The Dock On Your Apple Watch

how to use the dock on your Apple Watch

Dock lets you quickly open your desired apps or move from one app to another. In this article, you’re going to learn how to use the dock on your Apple Watch. Apple has attached a helpful Dock feature for Apple Watch users, this feature is similar to iPhone’s App Switcher. However, We are going to be discussing … Read more

How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped By The Police

how to tell if your phone is tapped by the police

Previously, we have written many articles concerning cell phone tapping. Furthermore, we are going to reveal how to tell if your phone is tapped by the police. There are numerous purposes why policemen are striving to tap your cell phone. It could probably be that they need some vital data that they may need in an open-ended … Read more