How to Clear Memory in iPhone

How to Clear Memory in iPhone

If your iPhone appears to be running, it’s running low on memory, storage, or both. Since you can’t open your iPhone and add another stick of RAM, you must learn to manage your memory yourself by clearing it when it’s full. So, how do you clear memory on an iPhone? There are several ways to … Read more

What Is App Cloud Used For? Everything You Need To Know

What Is App Cloud

Android users can install apps from the Google Play Store or Sideload APKs downloaded from the internet. However, only a few Android smartphone users are aware of App Cloud, which allows users to run applications with the bulk of their components in the cloud. If you accidentally came across the term somewhere on your phone … Read more

How to Display Time and Date on iPhone Home Screen 

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How to display time and date on iPhone home screen: Unlike Android smartphones, iPhones are known for their distinctive home screen full of app icons. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there should be freedom of choice for people wanting their home screen to look different. It wasn’t until iOS 14 that Apple started … Read more

How to Remove Screen Lock PIN on Android 

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A screen lock PIN is great for securing an Android smartphone but many people don’t want to have to type a four or six-digit PIN each time they need to unlock their smartphone. While this mightn’t be a smart security measure, you own your device and it’s your choice. Before going on to remove your screen’s lock PIN, you should … Read more

How to Customize Apple Watch Face with Photo 

How to Customize Apple Watch Face with Photo 

Your Apple Watch is a personal accessory, and you should always treat it as such. One of the best ways to treat your Apple Watch personally is by slapping a cute picture of your face onto the device to change the Watch Face. Since most users of the watch go with the default watch faces from … Read more

(Solved) MacBook Pro Running Very Slow And Freezing

MacBook Pro Running Very Slow And Freezing

One of the biggest differentiators of a MacBook from the typical Windows laptop is the fact that it runs almost flawlessly. Freezing, crashing, and slowing down are terms you’ll only find in a Windows user’s dictionary, as MacBooks usually come with industry-leading hardware. However, you may notice your MacBook Pro slowing down once in a … Read more

How to Increase RAM on Android using SD Card

How to Increase RAM on Android using SD Card

If you’re trying to game on your Android smartphone, the 2GB of RAM that’s widespread on most entry-level smartphones will fare badly. In this case, you have two options; buying another smartphone or increasing the memory on your existing smartphone. A new gaming smartphone may cost hundreds of dollars, while you can buy an SD … Read more