How to Get Siri to Turn on Flashlight

How to Get Siri to Turn on Flashlight

It’s always a joy when you discover a cool trick that makes your phone perform magic suddenly. Maybe you’re not a famous TikToker with millions of followers to get some publicity over your discovery, but you can marvel at your ingeniousness as enable and disable your flashlight by waving a magic wand. For the uninitiated, … Read more

Flashlight on iPhone Not Working – Quick Fix

Flashlight on iPhone Not Working

Ever since the iPhone 4, every successive version of the iPhone has had the flashlight feature. With updates, Apple continued to add more functionalities to the flashlight, prominently the ability to adjust its luminance as you see fit. However, there are some cases when the flashlight will refuse to come on when you need it … Read more

WhatsApp Calls Keep Reconnecting/disconnecting on iPhone

WhatsApp calls keep reconnecting/disconnecting on iPhone

In this article. We will discuss one of the common issues on the iOS 14, WhatsApp calls keep reconnecting/disconnecting on iPhone. In today’s guide, I will provide the causes of this issue and how to get rid of it. After upgrading to the latest iOS, you may encounter many issues, one of the regular issues … Read more

How To Fix Show Box App On Android Not Working

Show Box App On Android Not Working

This article will discuss the Show Box app on Android not working and the best way to resolve it. Show box app on Android is an application that enables users to access various kinds of movies, tv shows, and lots of entertainment. Does Show Box App Still Work? The show box app was one of the best applications for free movies, music, and television programs and helped to give rise to other lookalike applications. Unfortunately, the Show box is … Read more

Spotify Stats 2022: How to See Your Personal Statistics

Spotify Stats

Spotify- is one of the largest music streaming websites that allows its users to stream music, podcast, and radio stations online. Spotify allows its users to add their favorite songs to their playlist. With zillions of pieces of music, and podcasts available for streaming, Spotify users get to enjoy music from different genres. Can I … Read more

How To Disable Samsung Push Service 

How To Disable Samsung Push Service 

The Samsung push service is a pre-installed app that sends alerts and notifications on Samsung devices. It’s no news that Samsung has remained one of the top tech companies with their fantastic design on their smartphones.  All iPhone users know about one of its unique features. Siri’s voice command prompt; Samsung push service is a … Read more

What Is Samsung Push Service? Do I need It?

What Is Samsung Push Service?

What is the Samsung push service, and how can you find out more about it? We’re going to discuss it in a nutshell here. Read the article through to the end. Besides others, you’ll learn more about “What is Samsung push service,” besides others.  Let’s get to the purpose of this discussion. Samsung Push Service: What Is … Read more

How To Screenshot On iPhone 11

How To Screenshot On iPhone 11

In today’s concise guide, you will learn how to screenshot on iPhone 11; hence, if you have used other iPhone before using iPhone 11, iPhone 7, you’ll discover that the latest iPhone 11 is complicated trick. If you’ve not handled an iPhone before, probably the new iPhone 11 is going to be a little difficult for … Read more

Quick Fix: Smart Lock Android Not Working

Smart Lock Android Not Working

This article will discuss Smart Lock Android Not Working and the steps to solving these problems. Smart lock on android is a feature that helps your phone to stay protected and secured from anyone intending to access your files and document. Why Has My Smart Lock Stopped Working? The smart lock may stop working on your android device because of troubleshooting or other problems. To quickly resolve the issue, head to Settings on your android device, go to security, then tap “Smart … Read more