Xbox Headset is Not Working? Here’s the fix

Xbox Headset is Not Working

Xbox headset is not working? Do you get crackling noises or no audio at all when using your mic? This guide will help you troubleshoot your Xbox headset and fix any mic issues so you can game online with no interruptions. Causes of headset not working We use headsets these days to listen to music … Read more

Laptop Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? Here’s the fix

Laptop Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

When your laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi, it can be incredibly frustrating if you’re in the middle of an important project or research. There are several common causes of this issue, and they rarely require any advanced technical knowledge or skill to fix. Here’s what you need to do to fix the problem and start … Read more

How To Fix Xbox Not Connecting To The TV

Xbox Not Connecting To The TV

Xbox not connecting to the TV is a problem that a variety of things can cause. The most common cause of this problem is that the HDMI cable is not properly plugged in. Another potential cause is that the HDMI port on the TV is damaged. If the HDMI port on the TV is damaged, … Read more

How To Fix MacBook Not Recognizing USB

MacBook Not Recognizing USB

If you’re using a MacBook, then you may have found yourself in this situation at some point. Your MacBook not recognizing USB drive isn’t showing up when you plug it into your laptop.  It can frustrate if you lose data like this, and it can also stop you from being able to work on important … Read more

MacBook Not Getting Text Messages? Here’s the fix

MacBook Not Getting Text Messages

With Apple products, it’s common that they will run into several issues while in use and this article hopes to help address some of those problems with your MacBook. Sometimes, the issue is easy to fix, like resetting your MacBook to have it re-read any settings you had changed.  But if everything has been checked … Read more

My phone isn’t receiving calls? Here’s the fix

My phone isn't receiving calls

Your phone may not be receiving calls because of five different issues. Some of these are very easy to fix; others will require help from your service provider, and still others can’t be fixed at all, but will have to be dealt with.  My phone isn’t receiving calls is a common issue and there are … Read more

Xbox Mic Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Xbox Mic Not Working

Seriously, it can be very frustrating when your Xbox microphone should stop working on your gaming console; these issues alone can make playing with friends and chatting during games nearly impossible and boring.  Luckily, there are sure and very easy ways to fix this common problem. In this article, we’ll go over some of the … Read more

Xbox not connecting to the internet? Here’s the fix

Xbox not connecting to the internet?

If you’re trying to connect your Xbox to the internet, after several failed attempts, don’t worry, there are lots of things you can try out before calling Microsoft’s Xbox Support line or going to an electronics store to fix your Xbox.  There are several steps you need to take that could help you fix Xbox … Read more

How To Fix iPhone Showing Wrong Time

How To Fix iPhone Showing Wrong Time

While they did not design iPhones to replace wristwatches, they seem to be so good that watches are slowly going extinct. Showing the wrong time isn’t a popular problem with iPhones, but sometimes the time that displays on your device will be incorrect. There are several reasons your iPhone’s time may be incorrect, but that’s … Read more

How to Edit PDF on Mac 

How to Edit PDF on Mac 

Apple’s macOS is the third most popular desktop operating system after Windows and Chrome OS and unlike Chrome OS. To qualify as a proper desktop OS, you should have all necessary productivity tools, and editing PDFs seems to fall naturally into the productivity category. Fortunately, Macs ship with tools for manipulating PDFs, but you’re not … Read more