How to Clear Search History on Safari (iPhone & Mac)

How to Clear Search History on Safari

If you need to check the internet for something very private, you should always use a private window. When you browse with private windows on Safari, it becomes impossible for websites to track you using cookies and your browsing history gets deleted immediately after the browsing session. However, all of your browsing experience shouldn’t be … Read more

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories

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When you take pictures on Snapchat, they save to a portion of Snapchat’s server and move to a section of the app dubbed “Memories.” In your Snapchat Memories section, you can see every photo you’ve taken with Snapchat using your account and you can always save them back to your phone. Since Snapchat Memories follow … Read more

Chromecast remote not working – Quick Fix

Chromecast remote not working

Chromecast remote not working is a big issue. In this article, we will list the things that could make your remote not to work and the troubleshooting tips to get rid of the issue. The Chromecast are of majorly three different models; The 3rd generation Chromecast, The Chromecast Ultra and the Chromecast with the Google … Read more

Chromecast Not Showing Up? Here is the fix

Chromecast not showing up

If you purchased a new Chromecast device, the issue you’ll likely face is Chromecast not showing up. This issue is commonly caused when your both devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi.   The Google Chromecast is a device invented by the Google company that enables its user to stream contents from your mobile devices … Read more

Chromecast Hulu Not Working – Here is the fix

Chromecast Hulu Not Working

Chromecast Hulu not working is a big issue among some Hulu subscribers. In this article, we have listed out some things that could cause the issue and the step-by-step to get rid of the problem. As a Hulu subscriber, you can stream all your favorite movies & shows from the comfort of your home to … Read more

How To Fix Chromecast Not Working

Chromecast Not Working

Chromecast is a unique device that allows you to stream your favorite entertainment to your HDTV. Chromecast works with apps you love to stream content. However, Chromecast not working is a big deal, and we have listed some troubleshooting tips in this article. The Google Chromecast has been made available to iOS alongside Android. However, Before you … Read more

How to Find iPhone MAC Address

How to Find iPhone MAC Address

Your device’s Wi-Fi or MAC address is its unique identity on a Wi-Fi network. Without this IP address, it’s impossible to identify the device on a network. Sometimes, you may need the MAC address for an iPhone to complete a given task.  Since Apple knows you may want to know what the MAC address is, … Read more

How To Set Up Your Secure Email Server

How To Set Up Your Secure Email Server

Are you searching for a secure email server? You can make sure they protect your emails from prying eyes by setting up your private server, this will aid remove your inbox from the grips of the likes of Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Secret email servers are not just for distinguished diplomats. In this article, you … Read more