How To Connect Fake AirPods To Samsung

how to connect fake AirPods to Samsung

In this article, you’re going to learn how to connect fake AirPods to Samsung. However, make sure the fake AirPods you want to pair is not paired to any other device around you. Pairing fake AirPods to your Samsung device is as simple as pairing a normal Bluetooth device to your phone. The procedures are … Read more

Right AirPod Not Working (Fixed)

right AirPod not working

Is the Right AirPod not working? well, in today’s concise guide, I will provide all the best fixes to get rid of this annoying issue on your AirPods. AirPods are incredibly advantageous to use despite the fact that they can change if clients don’t have the foggiest idea about the fundamental steps to take when … Read more

How To Not Lose AirPods

how to not lose AirPods

Hey, it is very necessary to learn how to not lose AirPods to prevent misplacing your AirPods all the time. This article is a very helpful one that will show you almost everything about that. Actually, they are a few things that you could do to prevent losing or misplacing your Apple AirPods. So if … Read more

How to Fix AirPods Not Flashing White

AirPods Not Flashing White

When your AirPods are ready to pair, they will continuously flash a white light to indicate that. When you see that white light flashing, you can take the device near your iPhone to connect it and route your audio through to it, but what if your AirPods aren’t flashing white? There are several reasons your … Read more

AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone

AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone

The Apple AirPods line is a set of wireless earbuds designed by Apple to work with the rest of their devices seamlessly. The most popular Apple device right now is the iPhone, so it only makes sense that the AirPods and the iPhone work excellently together. However, both are still electronic devices, and like most … Read more

AirPods Won’t Connect: Here’s the fix

AirPods Won't Connect

Why won’t AirPods Connect? Here are some possible causes and reliable solutions when you are trying to connect AirPods and it refuses to. When AirPods refuses to connect to your device, make sure your device Bluetooth is on and your AirPods is fully charged, and also make sure the device you want to connect to … Read more

How to Make AirPods Not Read Messages

How to Make AirPods Not Read Messages

When you enable the feature that lets your AirPods read your messages loudly, you’ll always get your texts read out to you when you have a new message. That’s insanely convenient in some scenarios since you don’t have to interface with your device to know the contents of the messages you receive. However, the convenience … Read more

How to Fix AirPods Not Charging in Case

AirPods Not Charging in Case

Your AirPods don’t work like regular wired earphones; while you can use regular wired listening devices without having to worry about their batteries, it’s not the case with Apple’s AirPods. You must ensure both earbuds have enough battery to enjoy music or calls using your AirPods. When you purchase a pair of AirPods, it usually … Read more