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How Do I Change the Color of My Cash App Card?

One of the unique offerings of a Cash Card is the customizability; you don’t have to go with the boring look of most credit and debit cards out there. While there aren’t so many customizable parts of the Cash App card, using the available options is a no-brainer for most users.

One of the few aspects of your Cash Card that you can fully customize is its color since Cash App offers the card in different colors. While there’s no real reason why you’d want to modify the color of your card, the cool effect seems enough for me to want to try it out.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can change the color of your Cash App card before getting it. From the cool glow-in-the-dark effect to having your favorite emoji on the card, I’ll show you all the possible ways to modify your card to make it look better, or cooler.

Can You Customize a Cash App Card?

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Since customizing a debit or credit card doesn’t sound natural to most people, they seem to always doubt Cash App’s feature that makes it possible to modify your card, which is fine. That’s why it’s crucial to answer the question: can you customize a Cash App card?

It’s possible and easy to customize a Cash App card before getting it, as Cash App will prompt you to make some modifications before confirming your card’s design. However, customizing the design of your Cash Card will set you back $5, which is an unnecessary cost you won’t have to incur otherwise. 

It’s possible to customize any debit card if you’re willing to be extreme enough to do it. Scratching your card, printing something else on it, and scratching it are all modifications that you can do to your Cash Card after the fact, but do you want to do that?

Summarily, Cash App is one of the few debit cards that you can customize right from the issuer without defacing your card. Depending on who you ask, the designs can be described as beautiful; they have to be for anyone to pay five bucks for them.

How Can I Customize My Cash App Card?

You can always customize your Cash Card from the cards tab on the app’s interface. There are many customization options available for the cards, ranging from the card’s color to the components on it, including signature and emoticons.

It’s crucial to note that customizing your Cash App card does not add or subtract from its functions and features in any way. The only benefit to doing it is the cool factor; if you think having a cool-looking card is a nice bargain for some of your bucks, you’re sold. 

Can I Change My Cash App Card?

One of the most common questions that existing Cash App users had after the introduction of the unique glow-in-the-dark Cash Card color was about the possibility of changing their Cash App Card. So, is it possible to change your Cash App card?

Cash App makes it possible to order a replacement card when your existing card is lost or missing. You can also order a different card at any time without either of those happening, but you’ll have to pay $5 for your replacement card (unless you’re getting the ultra-premium one that costs $35).

In short, you can always change or replace your Cash Card if it’s lost, missing, or if you just want a card that looks cooler. However, you should be willing to pay a replacement fee for the card, which ranges from $5 to $35, depending on who you ask. 

How Do I Change the Color of My Cash App Card?

You can change the color of your Cash Card and have the new one shipped for you for only $5. The option to redesign your Cash App card is available from the cards tab on the app. If that isn’t specific enough, how do you change the color of your Cash App card exactly?

First, you’ll need to head over to the cards tab on the Cash App interface. The icon is second from the left corner of the screen, and it looks very much like a credit card, as you’d expect. From the options available on this screen, select “Design a New Card.”

From there, you can follow the instructions and you’ll eventually get to a page where you can select what card color you want for your card. The regular colors are black and white, as well as the recently introduced greenish color that glows in the dark. If you’re looking to get a metal card, the available colors are chameleon and black.

While the black and white color options are free for all Cash App users, at least for the first time, the glow-in-the-dark option costs $5. If you’re going for any of the metal Cash Cards, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $50 to lay your hands on them. 

Does the Cash App Card Actually Glow in the Dark?

Recently, Cash App introduced a version of the Cash Card that was designed to glow in the dark. If that sounds unbelievable to you, then you take a similar stance as the thousands of other Cash App users asking if the card actually glows in the dark.

To answer the question, it’s crucial to note that not all Cash App cards glow in the dark. Only the specific version with the dark glow effect does, and to satisfy your curiosity, it does actually glow in the dark. Did you think Cash App was lying?

To test it out, you can pay $5 for a new card and choose the one with the glowing effect specifically to have it at arm’s length. However, you should note that the cool effect is the only advantage of the dark glow; there are no other benefits.

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You can change the color of your Cash App card easily by following the steps in this article. Not only that, there are several other customization options for the Cash Card to make it look way cooler.

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