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How to Change Your Name on ROBLOX for Free

There are so many names on ROBLOX, but that isn’t even a problem that most users care about. What we care about, however, is the fact that you have to pay to change your username on ROBLOX. Should you do that or is there a way to go ahead with the change without paying?

If you’ve used ROBLOX for long enough, you should already know changing your username will set you back 1,000 Robux. As someone in the world of Roblox, you know how valuable that amount is and I’m not sure if you want to spend all that just on changing your name.

Fortunately, there might be a way to change your name on ROBLOX without paying. Stick with me as I show you how to change your name on ROBLOX for free.

Can You Change Your Name on ROBLOX for Free?

When talking about changing your name on Roblox, it never hurts to be a bit more specific. Two different things may count as names on Roblox, but the steps to changing either of them are so different that they’re not even in the same league.

For instance, the username requires you to have Robux to make any modification. If you made any mistake while signing up, you’ll have to part with 1,000 Robux to go on with the change. While that amount isn’t very excessive, why should you have to pay to change your name?

You can change your ROBLOX display name freely whenever you want, as many times as you want. The display name differs from your username; it’s what shows up in chats and also above your character’s head during a game.

You can liken the username to your username on a platform like Twitter and the display name is equivalent to what you type on the “Name” field. Your display name doesn’t have to be unique. You can be John Doe, even if every other person on Roblox is also John Doe. However, you can’t reuse someone else’s username, as all usernames on Roblox must be unique.

Summarily, it’s technically possible to change your name on ROBLOX, but that’s likely not what you’re looking for. Instead, you’re looking for a way to change your username for free, something that opens a whole new can of worms.

Also, note that you can only change your display name once every seven days. While you don’t get charged with changing it, you have to keep the time restriction in mind, which is something else to worry about.

How to Change Your Name on ROBLOX for Free

With the explanation I’ve given earlier, it only makes sense that this section focuses on how to change your display name on ROBLOX. However, I’ll also try to explore the possibility of changing your display name without having to pay a dime.

When changing your display name, note that you can only do it once every seven days. Before using a name that you’ll want to change within 24 hours, you should know it’s a pretty bad idea, hence the heads up.

With all that said, here’s how to change your display name on ROBLOX for free.

  1. Open Roblox and log into your Roblox account. Here, you’ll have to use your current username and password to gain access.
  2. Navigate to your account settings after gaining access to your ROBLOX account. Depending on what you’re using to access the platform, the steps for getting to the account settings page may differ.

For the mobile app version of Roblox, you can tap on the three dots on the interface to get to the settings. You’ll need to click on the gear icon at the top right to do the same on the desktop browser version of Roblox.

  1. Select Account Info from your ROBLOX account settings. From there, you should see options to change a couple of things, including your display name.
  2. Select “Change Display Name,” which is denoted by an icon that looks like a pen and paper. Clicking on that will bring up an input field where you can enter your new display name to continue with the name change.
  3. Click on Save once you enter your preferred display name. Note that you don’t have to make the name unique; you can be as creative as possible since you’re allowed to use names that have been used by others.

If you’re looking to change your username, however, this article will only offer a little help. Jump over to the next section to explore the possibility of changing your ROBLOX username for free.

Can You Change Your ROBLOX Username for Free?

While ROBLOX normally charges 1000 Robux for every name change, you don’t have to pay if your username contains information that puts you at a privacy risk. For instance, if your username is your real-life name from your birth certificate or your home address, you get one free change.

If you believe your Roblox username is a privacy risk, you can reach out to Roblox support and they’ll let you change it for free. Otherwise, it’s impossible to change your username without parting with the 1,000 Robux mandatory payment.

If changing the username matters that much to you, you should consider buying the Robux. 1,000 Robux doesn’t cost a lot of money and is a small price to pay to get whatever username you want on the platform.

How do you get a Roblox display name for free?

Roblox allows you to display your identity for free. Follow the procedures below;

  1. Tap on your Account Info.
  2. Go to “Display Name” and tap the edit button.
  3. Change the current display name to your desired name and tap “Save.”
  4. That’s all!

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ROBLOX is a fun place to be if you have a name that doesn’t sound embarrassing. Unfortunately, you may have to pay 1,000 Robux to change your username if it’s embarrassing, but it’s crucial to differentiate between usernames and display names.

This article explains all you’ll ever need to know about changing your name on Roblox and the how to change your name on ROBLOX for free. If you don’t meet the specified condition, the only way out is to buy the name change.

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