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How To Hide Birthday On Twitter

In this article, you’ll learn how to hide birthday on Twitter. Twitter is a social space that’s employed by scholars, business owners, and all genres of people. We dispense and receive a lot of information on Twitter, Facebook, and diverse social media. Many people use Twitter to interact with the world. However, also anyone can view your tweets and your profile if your account is public. Occasionally it becomes parlous to give data in public. 

Twitter uses your profile data to ensure that you’re grown enough to operate their space and gauge what content you may be interested in viewing in your newsfeed (this will include advertisements). 

Ultramodern technology has gotten so advanced. People use it for sensible causes and bad causes as well. The birthday date plays a significant part in your record protection. Some can disrupt your privacy and log into your account by applying for your birth date or time. Not just on Twitter, but on different social media like this data can likewise harm Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

You should constantly monitor to know what information is procurable to the public when you open social records. As Twitter allows its operators to post their birthdays so that someone can view them openly, take your security into your control. 

Why you should hide your birthday on Twitter

Whenever you post information openly online, you potentially endanger your account security and run the imminence of vicious people amassing it to rob your identity. The more they know about you, the better opportunity they’ve of either scamming you or your buddies or opening fake accounts in your appellation. birthday dates are one of the important bits of information that they need to have to exploit your identity and if you have your birth date in your profile, then anyone can view it. That increases your danger of identity stealing and fraud. 

It may be prudent to hide some of your private data similar to your birthdate on Twitter from being open, if you’re perturbed about identity fraud or if you just enjoy your sequestration. Unfortunately, the inimitable data a skillful scammer needs to prompt damage to you is your appellation, birth date, and address. 

How to hide birthday on Twitter iPhone

Thankfully, Twitter has fashioned it effortlessly to hide that data to aid cover your identity from being stolen. Twitter allows you to hide birthdates, months, and ages independently. You can similarly customize the audience for whom you needed to hide your birthday. Hide birthday on Twitter using any smart appliance you own. Computer, Android, iOS any smart device that can access the internet will be good to carry out this task. 

Taking some minutes to hide or take your birthday off of Twitter, and diverse platforms like Facebook can build up your online protection. You may need to examine your other social accounts to ensure that your birthday is concealed on them as well. 

As explained before, Twitter lets you append your birthdate to your profile, and allow it apparent to the public, your audience, or the people you follow. Perhaps you registered your birthday into your profile when you first created your Twitter account, and you haven’t reasoned about it since. I advise you to hide your birthday on Twitter to abate the dangers to your account’s protection and seclusion. 

Don’t Put Your birthday Date Online. Below Is What You Should Do 

1. Take off your birth date from your Twitter profile. However, again at a minimum, Let the date solely be apparent to you, if you don’t. 

2. Tweet nothing that would permit someone to determine your age or birth time, in text, prints, or vids. 

3. Notwithstanding, ask the person to cancel them, if other people disclose your age in their tweets or responses. 

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Twitter lets you fully take off your birthdate, or regulate who sees your birth date. There are different regulators for the month and date and the time. 

You can hide your birth date on Twitter either by editing who can view it or by putting off it from Twitter. This post will present to you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve both. 

Changing your birth date visibility settings on the Twitter app allows just you to possess some control over what can be visible and who can view it. You can take off just the year if you still want to get a birthday compliment. 

Control Birth Year Visibility on Twitter

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Howbeit, furthermore I largely suggest that you at least hide the year on your Twitter outline, for some accounts you don’t want to fully remove your birth date. Read also Where is Edit profile on Twitter.

  • Log into Twitter on the internet, or open the Twitter app. 
  • Move to your profile, then click or tap the Edit Profile selector. 
  • Next to Birthdate, tap Edit. (In the app, click Birth date.) 
  • Under Who sees this? reckon setting Month and day to anything more restrictive than Public, like as Your audience or You follow each other. 
  • Set Year to solely you so that no other person can view it. 
  • Tap Save. (In the app, click Done and also Save.) 

How to Hide Birthdate on Twitter Using Smartphone 

The smartphone is simple to access from anywhere and you can surf any website with it. Android and iOS possess a Twitter app to operate this social media in another simple technique. These are the procedures you have to follow to master how to hide your birthday on;

  • Go to the Twitter App. Tap on your profile image from the top left. 
  • Tap on “Edit Profile.” 
  • Click on your birthday and select “Continue”. 
  • Change the sequestration for birthdate, month, and time independently and Tap on “Save”. 

All iOS and Android possess a similar interface for changing birthday privacy. You’ll get this attribute in Twitter dark mode and light mode. 

Hide Birthday Employing Computer Device 

These are the tips for how to hide birthdays on Twitter by applying a computer device. 

  • Check in to your Twitter account. 
  • Tap on your profile image on the left side. 
  • Click on the “Edit Profile” 
  • Tap on “Edit” which appears with Birthday. It’ll display you a caution that you can change your birthday for a limited time only. 
  • Click “Continue” and choose which one you want to customize. 
  • Select “Save” after you complete editing the privacy. 

It’s simple and comfortable to hide birthdays on Twitter from PC appliances. You can use your mackintosh, windows, and Linux to use this trick on your Twitter account. 

Don’t tweet your age on or around your birthday. For example, “Well, I’m now over the price, but I don’t feel any different!” or “Look who’s 20!”

It doesn’t take momentous intellectuality for someone to figure out your birth time from that, even if you haven’t accessed it explicitly. Don’t disclose your birth date in prints or vids. envisage that you tweet prints or vids of your birthday bash, and in the prints or vids are cards, or balloons, or a cutlet that says “thirty” “forty” fifty,” or your age is. 

However, someone can effortlessly figure out your birth date if you tweet these on your birthday. You can ask the person to cancel them because you’re concerned about identity theft if other people reveal your age in their tweets or replies. You can share this post to clarify your reason.


If you choose to keep your birthday visible, you can still limit those who see it. These are the ensuing options available to Twitter users.

  There are many reasons to hide your birthdate on Twitter. Keeping these reasons in mind, try to avoid giving off your birthdate on Twitter in other forms as well. Be careful about the prints you post, making sure they don’t contain how old you’re, whether it be within your caption, presented on your birthday cutlet, or written on your fancy birthday cap, etc. 

Can I Remove My Birthday on Twitter? 

Yes, you can remove the complete information of your birthday from Twitter veritable. The removing option will appear near of edit button for birthday. Removing your birthday on Twitter will ensure that it can’t be seen by anyone and that it’ll noway accidentally come privately. It’s largely recommended that you fully remove your birth date from your Twitter profile. This is how to do that.

  • Log into Twitter on the Net, or open the Twitter app. 
  • Go to your profile, also click or tap the Edit Profile button. 
  • Next to Birthdate, click Edit. (In the app, tap Birth date.) 
  • At the bottom of the window, click Remove birth date. Confirm by clicking Remove. 
  • Click Save. (In the app, select Done and also Save.) 


Hiding your birthday on Twitter is a must if you’re perturbed about your account security and privacy. And is expedient since making your birthday public can pose an enormous threat to your other social media accounts and indeed your bank accounts. 

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