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How To Use Xender On PC (Quick Guide)

In this article, you’re going to learn how to use Xender on PC to transfer photos, videos, apps, and other essential files and documents.

Bluetooth is now outdated, although Bluetooth used to be the best means of transferring files from one device to another. However, Xender was launched, and it immediately sent Bluetooth packing.

If you do not have any USB cable near you, transferring files from your device to your computer could be very stressful and slow. Apart from the USB cable, another means of transferring files from phone to PC is via Bluetooth, but guess what? It’s very dull and slow than a USB cable. It can take a whole day to send and receive big files, and you cannot even think of transferring those interesting movies from your phone to the PC.

Worry no more because the Xender App is the best alternative that everyone can use to transfer files from their device to PC. It’s free to use, and you do not need any hardware on your device or PC before you can transfer files. All you need is the Xender App, and you can start sharing apps on the go.

As you all can see, technology is steadily improving, and the same thing goes for smartphones. The file transfer processes are also enhanced. Currently, Xender is the most dependable App for transferring files from one device to another. For example, Videos, Music, Photos, Apps, and other multimedia files and documents. Xender is much faster than the old modern Bluetooth.

All your transferring problems will be solved as soon as you start using Xender on your PC. Apart from transferring simple files like Videos, Photos, Music. The App also allows you to share those large files, and the transfer will be done within a twinkle of an eye. Xender is fast and reliable than Bluetooth and other file-sharing App. Hence, this article will show you how to use Xender on PC, but before that, I’ll first show you some of the things required before you can use Xender on PC.


Before you can use Xender as your primary means of transferring files from your device to your PC, you need to be provided with all the listed things below. However, If I were you, I would skip the list and continue reading because you already have all these requirements if you’re reading this article.

How To Use Xender On PC

There are various ways of transferring files using the Xender App. However, I’m going to show you the fast and most straightforward procedures to follow.

  1. First of all, open the Xender App on your phone. Click on the blue plane button for sending, and then tap the “PC/Mac.” button.
  2. A new window will open, now tap the “Create HotSpot” displaying on your screen.
  1. Next, you’ll be urged to connect your PC to the Wi-Fi network “Xender.”
    1. Open your PC’s web browser and enter the URL displaying on your phone. “http://web.xender.com/
  2. As soon as you enter the URL in your PC’s browser, you’ll be prompted to “Accept” a verification message to connect the device.
  3. Immediately you click the “Accept” button, you’ll be redirected to a new on your PC where the name of your device will be shown, its storage, and much more.

That is all, guys. Now look for all the Photos, Videos, Apps that you want to transfer, and hover on it, place the cursor on the file. After that, a download button will appear on your PC; tap on it, and the file will be saved on your PC.

If you were searching for how to use Xender on a PC, I recommend following the above steps. Hence, there is another method of transferring files using the Xender App. It’s called the “Hotspot connect”. Follow the steps below to share your files.

  • Kindly follow the same steps as outlined above until you get to the stage where you’re about to select between web connect and hotspot. Now, instead of choosing a “Web Connect,” tap “HOT SPOT.”
  • Next, switch on your PC’s Wi-Fi, and tap the “CREATE HOTSPOT” button. A new page will open, prompting you to connect to a new Wi-Fi network with a specific name.
  • As soon as you are connected to this Wi-Fi, proceed and enter the web address provided by Xender ( on your PC).

That is all; now you can manage your files as you like.


Now you’ve seen how to use Xender on PC. If you encounter any problems with the process, kindly let me know.

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