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How to fix iPhone Face ID not Working

What could cause your iPhone face ID not working? There are so many important things face ID can help you do even in an easier way. You can unlock your iPhone without stress. All you need to do is to put your face on the frame of your iPhone and it will easily unlocked without wasting time. You can also unlock apps that need passcode easily with the Face ID on your phone iPhone example apps like your mobile banking app and many more. The first thing to consider are the possibility that can affect the function of your face ID.

Why is my iPhone Face ID not Working

  • Physical damage

Your phone may have been physically affected. This could be That it fell from the height and landed on the floor. Because of this fall, your face Id may or may not be disabled.

  • Water damage

This water damage may disable your face ID on your iPhone depending on the water density even though it’s a drop of water that entered the speaker grill hole. It is so protected that water can’t enter that is right but any smallest quantity that enters can affect the function of your face ID.

  • They have blocked your face from enrolling to the face ID
  • A problem must have been detected with your true depth camera

If they have detected your true depth camera to have a problem, then you need to proceed to finding the solutions to reactivating the face ID of your iPhone.

These are the common things that can contribute to the disability of your face ID on your iPhone and there are still ways we can rectify this problem. There are many solutions to this problem and your face ID can start working again.

How to fix iPhone Face ID not Working

  • Update your iPhone

Check the version of iOS on your phone to know if the deactivation is from there. any iOS version that is not 15.5 or later means that the Face ID on the iPhone will be automatically deactivated.15.5 is the latest iOS version. So you should make sure that your iOS version is up to date then when you update it, you can now try reactivating your face ID.

The most common reasons face ID gets deactivated is when an iPhone has been repaired or the screen changed and in the process the face ID components could be damaged. This may have you reschedule for a repair to fix it or get a new device.

How do I update my iPhone?

To do this update, open the settings app in your home screen. Go down to genera and at the second line, click on software update then you can update your iOS from there.

  • Make sure that your face is not restricted

While trying to enroll your face on the face ID unlock, make sure that your face have in no way not been blocked from using the face ID. If your face have been restricted from enrolling to the face ID then you can not be able to enroll your face and unlock your iPhone with the face ID.

  • Reboot your device

if you have tried unlocking your device using the face ID and to no avail then you should switch off an on of your iPhone. Then you can try using the face ID to unlock your device.

  • Try resetting your face ID

trying this step to can help any malfunctioning of the face ID. You can’t do this be reenrolling your face on the face ID using your passcode.

  • Set up an alternative appearance

You can do this by going to your face ID setting and you will be asked for your passcode in other to enroll an alternative face. Look straight to your iPhone or you can look directly to the frame on your phone till you gently complete the circle. This way, you have an alternative and just in case you have a change of look then you can able to still unlock your iPhone or the apps on your phone using face unlock.

  • Check the true depth camera

Ensure that the true depth camera is not cover by anything like the screen guard or the phone pack or even your finger while trying to enroll your face ID.. You can still go-ahead ahead and grab a cloth and wipe off anything like dust or dirt(if there is any) on the area of the true depth camera.

  • Go to your phone setting and click on screen time, turn off the content, and privacy restrictions.
  • Reset your iPhone setting

To do this, you have to 

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on general
  • Go down to Transfer or reset iPhone setting 
  • Tap on reset all settings 

Finally, you will be asked to put in your passcode 

Note: the passcode they mean is the password you use to unlock your iPhone.

After these steps, your iPhone will be reset automatically ate and your issue will probably be solved. Then you can now go over to your settings and try setting up your face ID.

If you have tried resetting, updating, and restarting the face ID setting and this still doesn’t work out then you have to reset your iPhone to its factory settings. Accomplishing this will automatically clear almost all the data on your phone.

Can I prevent my files from being cleared?

Yes, you can but first, you need to back up all your files to your cloud that way, you will be able to get them all back after the process.

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Are you still unable to set up your face ID on your iPhone after all the suggested solutions? Then that means you got a problem with the hardware and of course, you need to take your phone to apple care to sort it out. Face ID sensors can only be repaired by Apple.

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