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iPhone Lock And Keyboard Distorted Sound Issue (solved)

After purchasing the iPhone, an important number of its users are facing iPhone lock and keyboard distorted sound issues. The iPhone lock sound different on various occasions. The issue is faced in the latest iOS. The lock sound of the iPhone will change contingent on the various exercises you were doing on your iPhone. If the iPhone was lying down the idol and if now locked, it will give a smooth sound, while if while playing a video you lock the iPhone it will give a boisterous locking sound.

There is a significant lock sound distortion in the iPhone. The distortion sound isn’t simply restricted to lock in the iPhone but abnormal sound behavior is likewise seen with the keyboard typing. keyboard sounds get louder while typing and the general sound quality sounds abnormal.

The iPhone sound issues in keyboard and locking are not smooth and give variable high and low sounds, volume appears to be inconsistent in iPhone.

This is an exceptionally irritating issue as the lock sound gives an alternate sound each time the iPhone is locked. At times uproarious, at times loud, sometimes muffled. sometimes clipped.

For instance, the iPhone Locking right after playing media is fine, But now when the iPhone is locked after some inactive time, a couple of moments later he sound consistently gets peculiar. The sound issue in iPhone app in the class different applications. When some app is open and then try to lock the iPhone, it will give sounds differently each time it also voices memo, camera video, sound, and WhatsApp video.

The same is the case with Keyboard sound in iPhone. keyboard clicks are very low in volume and keep changing at different times.

iPhone Lock And Keyboard Distorted Sound Issue

  • MegaSafe Case issue

Most of the iPhone users who are facing this issue or finding that the weird lock sound in iPhone is due to using Megasafe case and charger. This started happening to many iPhone user after started using the MagSafe charger/case.

If you are using a Mega safe case and facing a lock sound issue in your iPhone, then please try restarting the iPhone. This will generally work and lock sound should work normally. 

  • Sound and haptic settings

Open iPhone settings – sound and haptic – disable block sound. Then force shutdown (Vol up – vol down and right button. When the phone is on re-able block sound. 

  • Remove Cover

Strangely many iPhone users are able to fix the lock screen sound issue in iPhone after removing the iPhone cover. If you are also using an iPhone cover, then we recommend you to remove and test the sound lock without the cover.

  • Factory reset to default

One other way to fix lock screen weird sound-related issues in iPhone is to factory reset your iPhone from settings. Please note that doing this will erase all the data from your iPhone. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to take back up your iPhone data before doing a factory reset. 

  • Update to the latest iOS

Lock sound in keyboard sound issue in iPhone seems to be a software bug. This could be triggered by a negative case and covers but can’t be sure about. It is always recommended to report such bugs to Apple support.

Many iPhone users have already put it is to apple and there is no permanent fix for the issue yet released in the latest iOS 14.3. Hopefully, Apple Inc. will fix such issues in upcoming releases of iOS. So please keep on checking the latest iOS 14 release notes for a permanent fix. 

  • Provide Apple Feedback:

Inform Apple of this bug. Apple won’t get back to you directly, but the more feedback they receive on this, the more they will know what bugs are occurring and needs to be fixed.


After reading this article, the iPhone lock and keyboard distorted sound issue will be fixed. However, use the comment box to drop your questions.

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