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How To Fix Show Box App On Android Not Working

This article will discuss the Show Box app on Android not working and the best way to resolve it. Show box app on Android is an application that enables users to access various kinds of movies, tv shows, and lots of entertainment.

Does Show Box App Still Work?

The show box app was one of the best applications for free movies, music, and television programs and helped to give rise to other lookalike applications. Unfortunately, the Show box is not working now, and there is no positive sign they will return to service. The only way to enjoy and use the same services is to search for an alternative.

Why is Show Box Not Working On My Android?

The Show box application may not work on your android device due to access not being granted or storage issues. To correct this, select the show box app, tap on the precise data, and clear the cache button. Then restart your device and try out the app. Alternatively, you can enable “Unknown Sources” from the developer options in settings. Find the latest version of the show box, download and install the file on your device. Then launch and see if we solve the problem.

How Do I Enable Show Box on Android

Any android device user can easily enable the show box by following these steps.

Enable Unknown Resources.

  • Go to Settings on your Android Device.
  • Tap on the settings icon to show you all the settings options.
  • Scroll Down and Tap Security.
    • On the settings menu, scroll and click on security. This will reveal your security options on a new page.
  • Slide the Unknown Sources Switch

Once this is enabled, you can install different third-party apps from various unauthorized sources outside the regular play store.

Install Show Box

  • Open your Phone’s Internet Browser
    • Go to your phone’s browser and insert the page to download the file easily. You can use your chrome or opera mini browser.
  • Get to Show Box Download Page
  • Tap the Download Show Box APK File Link
    • While on the page, please scroll down and search for the option to download the APK file, and then click on download. You will get a notification when you have successfully downloaded the file.
  • Install the App

Once you have completed the download process, the next thing is to install the app. Create a shortcut on your menu and add the show box app. Now you can start using the application after installation. 

How to Fix Show Box App On Android Not Working

There have been lots of issues relating to the showbox not working on Android. But below are some of the best solutions to manage and solve the problems.

  • Reboot Your Device

This is one of the most effective ways to handle issues on your device. Simply press your power button and volume down until your device is off. Once this is done, restart your phone and check if the problem is corrected.

  • Clear Show Box App Cache 

If you have been using the show box app for a long time and there have been issues with its function, it would be best to try clearing the cache files. Ensure you remove the app’s cache using the system settings on your device.

  • Install the Latest Version

Your inability to use the show box app on your android may result from an outdated software version. Go to your Google play store and update the show box app to the latest available version to enjoy its services on your device.

  • Clear Your Phone’s Cache

Most times, third-party apps conflict and result in unwanted errors and issues. This could result from many cache files, so it’s good to clear your phone of these caches.

  • Use Web-Based Show Box App

The show box app has a solid official Twitter handle with over 40,000 people following. You can quickly get the app available across mobile devices and computers. Go to your mobile device and get to your browser. Input www.showbox.space to access the web app. You can sign up and pick any movie or tv show to view.

  • Use ExpressVPN with Show Box

Another alternative way of resolving this issue is to use a strong VPN such as express, allowing you to access the show box app easily.

Can You Download Show Box For an Android?

Yes, you can download the show box app but not from the Google play store. Anyone can download the show box app from other websites, but you must allow your browser to install unknown apps before downloading the show box.

The Best 10 Show Box Alternatives

The show box app, which is an application that allows users to view various movies and tv shows, is currently not in service. But you can still enjoy the same entertainment services as show box, but you must use an alternative app. Below are some of the best alternatives to the show box app.

  • Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a suitable alternative to the show box for streaming various movies. The services offered are countless, and everyone is assured of something that would interest them. They have good quality, and you can only download their APK file from their official website.

  • Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an outstanding entertainment service that gives users access to view videos. It offers a massive collection of Tv shows, movies, and there is always a new addition to the content. Their services are available for iOS, Android, windows, and their interface is easy to use.

  • Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free-to-use video streaming package with lovely Tv shows and thrilling movies. To use this service, you would need to sign up with your name, email address, and various other required details. Their entertainment catalog is vast, and they have almost all movies such as action, horror, comedy, and even documentaries.

  • Kodi

Kodi gives users access to not just movies and Tv shows, but users can get a wide range of services ranging from shows, live channels, and even sports. You would need to download and install the right Kodi add ons. Kodi is available on macOS, Windows, and Androids. 

  • Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv Is another excellent replacement for the show box application. Their streaming service is entirely free, and they give access to thousands of shows. Their video content is terrific, and they offer different content that users can easily watch on diverse electronic devices.

  • Crackle

Crackle offers users a wide range of Tv shows, movies, and documentaries. The app provides a vast number of Sony-owned services, including originals and classics. Here, you are free to create and manage the type of content you would like to watch.

  • Stremio

Stremio is much similar to the Kodi entertainment app. It gives users the access to search and view contents of their choice. Stremio is available on multiple devices such as Linux, iOS, and Android. 

  • PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is another app that provides the same services as show box. They offer a broad array of content that users may view.

  • Hulu

Hulu provides various entertainment services able to keep users glued to their devices. Their library of movies, Tv shows, and documentaries are always up to date. They allow users to download movies and Tv shows for offline viewing freely.

  • Titanium Tv

Titanium Tv offers a massive catalog of Tv shows and movies from which users can pick or select. Even if you are looking for the latest version of your favorite films, you can find it there. They have a decent video quality, and you can use their Titanium Tv on Fire Tv and Firestick devices.


This article has shown you how to fix the Show Box app on Android not working. Use the comment box to drop your questions.

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