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Why You Should Probably Buy AppleCare+ for your iPhone (Even Though It Sucks)

Research has shown that sellers at phone or tech stores often like to impose the warranty program on buyers. To some people, it’s probably a medium for the sellers to generate extra income via the affiliate program. What then happens when you purchase a new iPhone device, and the seller tries to convince you to buy the AppleCare+ for your phone?

It’s no news that most iPhone devices cost a fortune. Any iPhone above version 7 costs a lot of money, and it may be advisable for you to protect your phone from minor accident by putting your iPhone in a case. It is thus recommended to take advantage and enjoy the many benefits of the AppleCare+.

This article will shine more light on what the AppleCare+ is all about, it’s cost and why you should consider buying an AppleCare+ even though it sounds like crap to you.

Many years ago, citizens of the United States are often mandated to purchase their smartphones and their carrier service provider. Fast forwarding to year 2022, things have changed and an individual may decide to buy his phone and mobile carrier service provider from different stores. For example, Mike purchased an iPhone X from the Apple store and purchased a mobile carrier service from AT&T.

Understanding What AppleCare+ Is All About?

Apple has upheld the tradition of releasing a new iPhone version yearly and Apple smartphones usually cost a fortune. If you are wondering if there’s a way you can reduce the cost of repair on your iPhone or how to find a lost iPhone; that’s where AppleCare+ comes in.

Is AppleCare+ worth it?

AppleCare+ serves as an insurance program for your iPhone. Insuring your iPhone device with AppleCare+ serves as a protective measure against damage of your iPhone.

AppleCare+ is an insurance program owned and manage by Apple. Usually, you can buy the AppleCare+ support product after procuring any Apple product of your choice.

AppleCare+ grant you access to connect with proficient members of Apple support team. The AppleCare+ is distinctively different from the warranty program on every Apple device.

For example, if you purchase an Apple smart watch, an iPhone, or any iPhone product of your choice, you automatically get to enjoy the Apple warranty program.

On the other hand, AppleCare+ also covers all Apple products which include iPhones, Apple Smartwatch, iMac, Apple smart TV, ipod, etc.

How To Buy AppleCare+

Before stepping out to purchase an AppleCare+ on your iPhone or Apple product of your choice, understand that procurement of an AppleCare+ insurance program is only limited to newly purchased products owned by Apple.

In other to take advantage of the numerous benefits of the AppleCare+, you need to purchase the support program within a speculated time frame after purchasing your Apple product. However, do note that the speculated time frame differs from various Apple products.

For iPhone devices, you’ll need to take advantage of the AppleCare+ within sixty (60) days of procuring your new iPhone smartphone. It’s recommended to always keep your receipt in a safe place, as it serves as proof of ownership.

AppleCare+ Benefits For iPhone

All iPhone smartphones are specially built; thus, they specifically love to address technical issues by their team of experts rather than a third-party technician. AppleCare+ was launched to encourage Apple customers to rely on their support and repair services.

When choosing an AppleCare+ support program for your iPhone, you may decide to purchase the AppleCare+ or the AppleCare+ with extra features for lost iPhones.

Similarities With AppleCare+ And AppleCare+ With Extra Features For Lost iPhones

The similarities include

a) Apple offers their support using the best of their best technicians

b) Access to a technical support team anytime and any day.

c) Warranty for up to 12 months (Terms and conditions applied).

d) They both provide support for their battery.

The terms and conditions which apply to the 12 months warranty program mentioned above are as follows;

For AppleCare+, the 12 months warranty programs only cover two accidental damages. Which means you are only entitled to the 12 months warranty program if you don’t experience technical issues for over two times.

For AppleCare+ with the extra features for lost phones, it covers up a maximum of 2 accidental damages. In addition, it also covers up to two occurrences for loss or theft of your iPhone device.

How To Find Lost iPhone With AppleCare+

You can find your lost or stolen iPhone using the AppleCare+ with extra features for lost and stolen iPhones. To find your lost iPhone, you’ll need to have previously activated the “Find my iPhone” program on your iPhone, and it must be remain enabled at the time your phone was lost or stolen.

Are Repairs Free When I Pay For AppleCare+

Repairs on your damaged iPhones are not always free, as you are most likely to pay for service rendered. However, you get to enjoy mouthwatering discounts if you’ve previously purchased the AppleCare+ support program.

AppleCare+ users also get to enjoy special benefits, which includes a free replacement for your damaged iPhones. However, you will not be entitled to the free replacement benefit if you’ve exhausted your two chances at the repair program.

If you’ve exhausted your chances at the repair program, you will be charged $150 for an out of warranty fee.

If you are looking for pocket friendly replacement and repair services, then AppleCare+ service is your best bet as they grant you access to their team of experts with super fast response rate. Apple team of experts can be contacted via a phone call or a live chat.

How AppleCare+ Pricing Works On iPhones?

If you are curious to know how much it cost to purchase the AppleCare+, you should know that the price varies on various Apple products. For example, you can’t expect the same amount for an AppleCare+ service on an Apple Smartwatch when compared to an iMac or an iPhone.

If you are looking to buy an AppleCare+ for an iPhone 13, you’ll need to budget $170 for a two-year subscription program. If you are looking to purchase an AppleCare+ with extra features for a lost and stolen iPhone, you are going to need to budget $250 for a two-year subscription program. AppleCare+ does not guarantee free repair or replacement. However, the cost of repair or replacement will be relatively low compared to when you do not have an AppleCare+ subscription. In addition, you get to enjoy free servicing of your iPhone battery if its performance level becomes low compared to when you bought it.

Repairing A Screen With AppleCare+

Your iPhone screens are most likely to break due to accident occurrences. Our phones can easily slip off our hands, especially when we fall asleep while holding it. Find out how much it will cost to fix a damaged screen;

If you are an AppleCare+ user, you should know that the cost of screen repair will be relatively low compared to when you do not have an AppleCare+ subscription.

If you experience a broken screen, or maybe your back glass has a crack, or it’s damaged due to one reason or the other. Apple charges $45 to fix your damaged screen and back glass only if you’ve previously purchased an AppleCare+ support program.

Meanwhile, all other damages on your iPhone; either caused by accident or self inflicted will cost you $150. While a loss or stolen phone will be duly addressed after you pay the sum of $230

Why You Should Probably Buy AppleCare+ Support Service For Your iPhone

The whole AppleCare+ support program sounds like crap, especially if you are the type that handles your phone’s with utmost care. However, if you are the type who’s prone to accident occurrence, or you are often careless with your phone, then buying an AppleCare+ might be best suitable for you to reduce costs of repair.

Accidents are most likely to happen to anybody as there is no perfect human. AppleCare+ offers you a 24/7 tech support and discount prices if you have a broken or a stolen phone. If you decide not to buy the AppleCare+ support program, then you should be prepared to pay high fees on repairs and replacement for your phone. Accidents may happen when you least expect it, or when you are short on cash. So consider AppleCare+ a form of insurance on your device.

The extra costs of repair and replacement of your iPhone screen are nothing compared to how much you’ll spend when you do not have the AppleCare+ support program. The fixed price on repairs gives you an edge and thus allows you save ahead on any unforeseen circumstances.

For example, you can always keep the sum of $50 for unforeseen circumstances which may cause your screen or back glass to break and you can always budget $230 for tracking or repair of your lost or stolen phone.


the fact remains that extra costs on AppleCare sounds like crap, but you can take advantage of the discounted prices when an accident occurs.

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