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Best Video Editing Tools For Windows To Create Videos Like A Pro

A good quality video editing tool is of tremendous help when showcasing the products and services of a business from varied angles. It will help you create the most effective promotional ads on Windows for social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Of course, you can share the brand videos thus created on various other platforms as well!

The key here is using the right tool for video editing that will help you stand out from your competitors. Reports from valid sources indicate that well-produced and edited product videos are far more engaging than images and written content.

Videos can increase the conversion rate of businesses by around 144%. Now that’s a whopping number, isn’t it? Now, let’s get straight into the details of the Best video editing tools for Windows that will help you create videos like a professional.

1. Lightworks

For the ones who want the best overall video editing tool, Lightworks would be the ultimate choice for Windows. The most exclusive feature of this editor is its super intuitive and simple interface making it an easy-to-use tool even by the most amateur users which supports it easily on any Windows and Mac.

Apart from this, you get a selection of video tutorials along with proper instructions for making the tool more accessible and useful for your specific video editing requirements. There is a complete suite of stock music and video clips that come royalty-free. These further help in giving videos a very polished look.

Users love this editor’s top quality and simple trim functionality that allows precise and super-fast video editing. Then there’s speed optimization allowing users to edit their videos while importing new content simultaneously.

2. Invideo

It is the best free online video editing tool mainly because it comes loaded with features not available with any other video editor. This cloud-based online video editor comes as a boon for educators, businesses, students, common men, and regular consumers.

The videos edited using this tool are of the highest quality and come with the potential to change the viewers’ minds. In other words, they influence the viewer’s decision to buy a certain product from a certain company. And that specifically goes for viewers who are existing customers of a certain company.

The best thing about this online video editing tool is that it can be accessed from almost anywhere- school, work, or home. Also, cool filters and effects make the videos more appealing and professional-grade. There are hundreds and thousands of audio clips, video footage, and pictures for the users to include in their marketing videos.

3. Shotcut

This refreshingly clean video editing tool works best for varied assignments mainly because of its huge collection of effects and filters. Not only this, but Shotcut also supports direct streaming while making it easy for the users to import all kinds of media.

Initially a free video editing tool on Linux, Shotcut now works on even Mac and Windows machines making it very easy for users to edit all kinds of videos for business marketing or personal branding purposes.

First thing first, the interface of this tool is intuitive and easy, so there’s a straight learning curve for beginners into video editing. Users who have their hands placed solidly on this tool will move to no other editor, all thanks to the plethora of features and media it comes loaded with.

4. VideoPad

Now, if there’s something that works fine for beginners in editing, it’s VideoPad. This gem of an editing tool is perfectly designed for the ones looking to create top-quality, professional-grade videos within the shortest period and with limited monetary resources.

One of this editing platform’s greatest features is it is easy to use and has simple features like sound effects and 3D video editing. These help the users in trying out varied video styles and compositions.

VideoPad users get the flexibility of editing their videos using overlays, special effects, transitions, and texts, along with sound effects and color adjustments. Users can even export their finished videos to Google Drive, YouTube, and Facebook.

5. Hitfilm Express

Are you on the lookout for a free video editing tool for experts and amateurs alike? End your search right here at Hitfilm Express- the editor that features professional-quality tools and wonderful online tutorials.

This package is highly beneficial for the users as they get to trim clips, adjust color balance and export their assignments in varied video formats in the easiest way possible. Now that’s what you call one gem of a video editing tool!

6. DaVinci Resolve

If you are fed up with those irrelevant and poor-quality editors that bring in no results if used for making marketing videos, it is time for you to jump upon DaVinci Resolve. As is suggested by the name of this editor, it will resolve all your video editing-related issues.

This is probably one of the best video editors combining the features of many of its genres into one. With DaVinci resolution, you get color correction, 8K editing, audio post-production, and visual effects- all these functionalities into a single package.

Isn’t this the best deal you can ever have?

7. Movie Maker Online

For on-the-go video editing requirements, Movie Maker Online will be the right tool. It gives you everything from royalty-free content to transition effects and filters for making your video more attractive and impressive.

The main objective of the makers of this tool is to make professional-grade video editing a possibility for its users. They have also made the tool so simple that even the most amateur users can have the best editing experience ever.

8. FlexClip

FlexClip is a template-rich online video editing tool that you don’t need to download anything to use. You can create videos up to 480p quality and use one video and audio per project.

One of Flexclip’s most notable features is its wide selection of preset templates designed for different types of videos, from tutorials to vlogs. In addition, it offers an extensive library of resources such as music, sound effects, and video clips to enrich your creations.

Final Words

Generally speaking, when it comes to choosing the best video editing tool for Windows, it works to pick the most affordable, effective, and simplest option available. Remember, a good video editing tool does not come loaded with features but carries attributes best suited for your video editing assignment.

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