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Free Unlimited Data Recovery Software for Windows

You may need to recover some data on your PC for many different reasons. From a simple accidental file deletion to a whole hard drive failure, you just wouldn’t know why you’ll want a file back.

Whatever is the reason why you need to recover files, there is only one solution; data recovery software. There is data recovery software for macOS and also for Windows.

While paying for data recovery software might be the best way to recover unlimited data, some free or freemium options offer similar value to premium software.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the free unlimited data recovery software for Windows that works for free without putting a strain on your wallet.

Free unlimited data recovery software for Windows


Recuva’s user interface might look like that of software from 2007, but it works better than most 2050-looking programs.

Recuva is relatively easy to use, as there are only a few options that you won’t need for your data recovery task. There is also a portable version that runs directly from a flash drive.

After a deep scan, you can preview and selectively recover the files on your computer without restoring additional junk.

What’s more, Recuva is free for personal use. Unless you’re running a data recovery business, you can always run an instance of this program without having to worry about compensating the developers.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is one of the older file recovery software that has succeeded in keeping some free features around for ages.

However, EaseUS isn’t free, as the free version has some limitations. However, it deserves a top spot for its speed and reliability in most scenarios.

If you’re not paying for the premium version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you’re limited to 2GB of recoverable data.

However, you can recover files from your flash drive, SD card, hard disk, and most other storage drives in the free version. Just keep the total file size of the recovered files below 2GB.

Paying for the premium version is a no-brainer if you’re in the data recovery business, and you can even pick up one of their business plans.

Glary Undelete

If you lost files from a FAT or NTFS disk, Glary Undelete is a free recovery software option you should consider.

Glary Undelete has a dead-simple interface, doing almost nothing apart from letting you find and recover lost items from a computer or disk.

Scanning a disk with Glary Undelete brings up many useless files that make it harder to find the files you need.

However, this program isn’t as good as most free alternative data recovery software. In addition, the user interface isn’t what you’d call pretty, as you have to struggle your way around the program.

What matters is that it works for file recovery, and it doesn’t lock any features under a paywall.


PhotoRec is open-source software that people mostly confuse about photo recovery software, no thanks to its name.

In case you’re unaware, PhotoRec isn’t only a photo recovery software. If you know your way around the command line, you can recover about 500 different file formats using this command-line tool.

While this program is free and mostly works well, it’s by no means user-friendly. It only works on the command line. You cannot fire up a graphical interface to use any feature of the program.

If you’re not sure what a command line is, it’s that white text on a black background that makes it seem like someone has hacked your computer.

If you don’t have some level of proficiency with the command line, you’re missing out on the amazing benefits of this data recovery software.

Minitool Power Data Recovery

This software is also one of the older data recovery solutions that have survived the test of time. With a company as gigantic as Minitool behind it, this software will be around for a couple of years, at least.

Minitool Power Data Recovery works on Windows and recovers deleted, lost, or damaged files without much hassle.

The program has a free version that lets you recover up to 1GB of data and more than 70 different file types, including documents, graphics, and video.

Minitool Power Data Recovery has some locked pro features that you can only access with a paid subscription. For example, you can get unlimited data recovery by paying the $89 price for a premium subscription.

DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

DM Disk Editor is a commercial solution for data recovery and has recently grown popular amongst the general audience. This software doesn’t only recover lost files from a drive; it recovers full partitions.

Like most other commercial software, this program has features locked under a paywall. However, you shouldn’t be paying a dime if you know your way around the software.

If you don’t have some experience with data recovery on a PC, DMDE (as it’s popularly called) isn’t for you. 

The trial version will let you see a preview of the recoverable files, so you don’t pay for what doesn’t work. $48 gives you access to most of the program’s features, with the Pro license costing $95.

Compatibility? DMDE works with any Windows computer available around, down to Windows 2000, at the cost of a frankly horrible user interface.

But it works.


The best way to never lose files on Windows is by always keeping a backup. The second best way is by using data recovery software.

While the free data recovery software is less functional and efficient counterparts, they work. While some require hacker-level skills to get the most out of them, they do their job quite decently.

If you’re finding it hard to get the best free unlimited data recovery software for Windows, we have some suggestions. The programs listed above are all good at what they do, and they have a free version, even if it’s limited.

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