Mac Keeps Opening Random Tabs {Fix}

Mac Keeps Opening Random Tabs

Mac keeps opening random tabs: Way too many people have been made to believe that Macs can’t be infected with viruses. Not only is this false, someone that believes firmly in this will eventually find themselves having to deal with problematic malware sooner or later. In recent times, reports of people getting infected with different … Read more

{FIX} MacBook Not Sleeping when Lid Closed

MacBook Not Sleeping when Lid Closed

When you close the lid of your MacBook, the computer should go to sleep until you open it again. It’s the same for all desktop operating systems, and it helps to conserve power. In some cases, however, you’ll close your MacBook’s lid, only to discover that it didn’t go to sleep. Before trying to solve … Read more

MacBook Not Shutting Down: How to Fix

MacBook Not Shutting Down

After a long day of working on your MacBook, you instinctively want to shut it down to help the computer cool down and get some rest. However, you can imagine how frustrating it would be if your computer is not shutting down, even after following the regular shutdown routine. The MacBook not shutting down issue … Read more

How To Fix AirPods Not Connecting To Mac

How To Fix AirPods Not Connecting To Mac

AirPods are designed to work with Apple products; the Apple products that support AirPods natively include iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs. When you have any of these devices and you can’t enjoy the full functionality of the earbuds from Apple, you should know there’s a problem. One of the connection problems you could face with … Read more

How to Install iTunes on Mac

How to Install iTunes on Mac

The iTunes app was recently replaced with the Apple Music app that works just as well, but for music. When talking about any of the other many features that iTunes included, you’ll notice why Apple Music struggles to keep up with the popularity of iTunes. Since Apple Music became mainstream, Apple has slowly removed iTunes … Read more

Mac Software Update Stuck Installing: [quick fix]

Mac Software Update Stuck Installing

Sometimes, Mac Software Update Stuck Installing. When it comes to device software updates, iPhones and Macs have no rivals yet. They’re still the best in the game; your iPhone 7 is getting iOS 15 and your MacBook from 2013 is capable of running the latest and greatest MacOS Big Sur. While Apple’s monopoly in device … Read more

How To Fix MacBook Not Recognizing USB

MacBook Not Recognizing USB

If you’re using a MacBook, then you may have found yourself in this situation at some point. Your MacBook not recognizing USB drive isn’t showing up when you plug it into your laptop.  It can frustrate if you lose data like this, and it can also stop you from being able to work on important … Read more

MacBook Not Getting Text Messages? Here’s the fix

MacBook Not Getting Text Messages

With Apple products, it’s common that they will run into several issues while in use and this article hopes to help address some of those problems with your MacBook. Sometimes, the issue is easy to fix, like resetting your MacBook to have it re-read any settings you had changed.  But if everything has been checked … Read more

How to Rename Folder on Mac 

How to Rename Folder on Mac 

One of the biggest innovations in digital organization is the introduction of folders, which is simply a container for other files and folders on your computer. You can create as many folders as you want on a Mac and you can name them to reflect their contents. When it comes to managing folders, macOS is … Read more