How To Turn Off Private Browsing On iPhone

How to turn off private browsing on iPhone

How to turn off private browsing on iPhone? Your Ultimate Guide. Private browsing on iPhone; popularly known as “incognito mode” is the secrecy that you get to experience while browsing. The private mode is readily available on some web browsers. Private browsing on iPhone is mostly used to erase recently browsed browsing history without leaving a trace. … Read more

How To Fix Portrait Mode Not Working on iPhone 

How To Fix Portrait Mode Not Working on iPhone 

Portrait mode not working on iPhone: When portrait mode first made it to the smartphone photography field, it broke the internet for the amazing effects it creates with a smartphone’s camera. iPhones have had this feature since the iPhone 7, and until today, all subsequent iPhones are only improving on this near-perfect feature. Sometimes, however, the portrait … Read more

iPhone Screen Clicking on Its Own: Here’s the fix

iPhone Screen Clicking on Its Own

In this article, you’ll learn the various ways to fix the iPhone screen clicking on its own. Ghost touch is a real problem on iPhones, and to people who have experienced the problem, it’s even scarier than real ghosts. There are many reasons your iPhone might register touches you didn’t make, but do the reasons … Read more

How To Find One Lost AirPods

How To Find One Lost AirPods

You’re not the only one who loses Airpods a bit too frequently. Whether it’s hiding between cushions, under a piece of furniture, or even deep inside your pocket, there are just many ways to lose track of your tiny Apple Airpods. Since Apple is aware of the fact that most Airpods users lose their earbuds … Read more

How To Fix iPhone Speakers Not Working During Calls? 3

If your iPhone speaker does not work during calls and you don’t know why. What then happens when your Apple smartphone works efficiently and your speaker stops working? For example, you may decide to place a call to your spouse or business partner and during the process of the phone conversation, you decide to press … Read more

How to Clear Memory in iPhone

How to Clear Memory in iPhone

If your iPhone appears to be running, it’s running low on memory, storage, or both. Since you can’t open your iPhone and add another stick of RAM, you must learn to manage your memory yourself by clearing it when it’s full. So, how do you clear memory on an iPhone? There are several ways to … Read more

How To Fix Sharing Location on iPhone Not Working

Sharing Location on iPhone Not Working

This article will discuss Sharing Location on iPhone Not Working and the steps for correcting it. Sharing location on iPhone involves enabling some names on your contact list to know your location or whereabouts. Can Someone Tell if I Checked Their Location on iPhone? No, there’s no way anyone can know if you checked their location. Android and iPhone do not notify when someone checks your present location. The only allowed device or application that can match your location is your mobile service … Read more