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Can I Track Lost Or Stolen AirPods If They Are Connected To Another Device?

Are you wondering if it’s possible to track lost or stolen AirPods if they are connected to another device? if yes, ill be explaining all the hidden features and every other mighty thing you do not know about AirPods.

AirPods is one of the best earbuds for iOS devices. Due to how thin it’s, it is very easy for someone to misplace it. However, I’m going to reveal if it’s really possible to track a misplaced AirPods.

Can someone use my stolen AirPods?

Yes.! If the entire set is stolen, it can be used easily. There’s a pairing button in the Airpods Case that allows others to reset and connect with their device. Immediately your AirPods are stolen and out of your phone’s range, it can be easily used by someone else.

Can Reset AirPods be tracked?

The thief may have reset the AirPods, however, if they didn’t you would not receive any location updates except the burglar walked by and stopped in the range of your device long enough for the AirPods to pair with your device.

NOTE: the reset doesn’t modify the name of the Bluetooth module so that may have nothing to do with locating them, either.

How do you tell if your AirPods have been stolen?

Do not conclude that your AirPods is lost or stolen yet, because probably your AirPods could be hidden somewhere beside you. Hence, The Find My tool allows you to know if your AirPods is still within or completely stolen.

  1. Firstly, initiate the Find My tool from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  2. Now use your Apple ID and passcode to log in.
  3. Select your AirPods.
  4. The blue dot will reveal your location (from the device you’re using at the moment).

Can I Track Lost Or Stolen AirPods If They Are Connected To Another Device?

Unluckily, it is not possible to use the Find My to track your lost or stolen AirPods if they were in the charging case when someone stole them. This is because they don’t keep an effective connection to your device while in the case, to conserve battery life.

However, if the lost AirPods is within your room, you can easily use the “Apple Find My” to locate it.

Here is how it works, ‘Find My’ is a tool that helps you find your stolen AirPods. If you previously set up the service with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that you’re using with your AirPods, it’s automatically enabled for your AirPods too. So whenever you misplace your AirPods and it’s somewhere nearby, you can easily use ‘Find My’ to locate them. However, If the missing AirPods are out of range of all of your devices, ‘Find My’ can still assist by revealing the time and location where they were last connected.

On your computer

  1. First of all, go to iCloud.com and sign in with credentials (Apple ID).
  2. After that, fire up the ‘Find iPhone‘.
  3. Tap All Devices, then select your AirPods.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Choose your AirPods.

What If My AirPods Were Stolen But I Still Have the Case?

If your AirPods were stolen without their case, that doesn’t imply that the AirPods are now unusable to the thief. It is possible to use a different case to charge the Airpods. Your Airpod works with any charger provided the person has a Pro case for AirPods Pro.

How To Prevent Your AirPods from Being Stolen

Due to how thin the AirPods are, it can easily get lost. In some cases, it can fall down from your ear without your knowledge if you are in a rowdy environment. However, they are some defensive measures that you can take and practically stop your AirPods from getting lost.

  1. Ensure you keep your charging case in one particular spot at home, so you always know where to find them
  2. Ensure you put the AirPods back in their charging case when it’s not in use.
  3. Whenever you are away from home, endeavor to put your AirPods in their charging case in a safe place, such as a concealed pocket in your purse.
  4. I know it’s your expensive gadget but do not flaunt your AirPods so that thieves won’t start looking for how to steal it.
  5. It’s recommended for you to use a hook, or latch to attach your charging case to your belt loop or purse strap.


Now you have understood if it is possible to track lost or stolen AirPods if they are connected to another device. Use the star button to rate this article. Also, use the comment section to drop your questions.

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