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Cash App Showing Negative Balance: [Fix]

Cash App Showing Negative Balance

One of the biggest causes of worry with a payment app like Cash App is seeing a negative balance, especially when you least expect it. There’s no big deal with seeing a negative balance on a finance app, but it certainly does strike some fear when you’ve not borrowed any money. So, when your Cash … Read more

How Do I Make a Purchase with Cash App?

How Do I Make a Purchase with Cash App

If you’re keeping your money on Cash App, you’re using it correctly, as it’s meant to be a payment app in the first place. However, when you have your money somewhere, you always want to be able to use it to make payments for goods you buy or services you’re rendered, which is natural. That … Read more

Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received (quick fix)

Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering that a Cash App payment has been completed but not received. As frustrating as it is, there are several reasons that may be the case, but it’s usually for the security of the sender’s funds. Some of the most common causes of this problem include a problem with either … Read more

Cool Cash App Card Designs for 2023

Cool Cash App Card Designs

If you’re in the design industry, you know that branding is key to your company’s success. Applying those principles to your business cards and logo can help you stand out from your competition and connect with new customers—and using other people’s work as inspiration can help you get started on new projects even if you … Read more

How to Verify Apple Pay on Cash App

How to Verify Apple Pay on Cash App

Once you purchase an iPhone, you’re automatically drawn into Apple’s restrictive ecosystem that forces you to use only Apple services. One of the services you can’t do without when you go to Apple is Apple Pay, and few people talk about it. Apple Pay is Apple’s alternative to physical cards, and truth be told, it’s … Read more