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How to Verify Apple Pay on Cash App

Once you purchase an iPhone, you’re automatically drawn into Apple’s restrictive ecosystem that forces you to use only Apple services. One of the services you can’t do without when you go to Apple is Apple Pay, and few people talk about it.

Apple Pay is Apple’s alternative to physical cards, and truth be told, it’s gaining hell of a popularity. Almost every restaurant and store in the United States accept it as a payment method; you can even argue that it’s surpassing physical cards in terms of numbers.

To use Apple Pay, however, you need a valid payment method for it to pull out funds. Apple Pay lets you add credit and debit cards for that purpose, with almost all available cards supported. Of course, that can only mean Cash App cards are also allowed as a funding option for Apple Pay.

However, too many people experience difficulties when trying to add their Cash App card to their Apple Pay accounts. This article will show you how to verify Apple Pay on Cash App to ensure you don’t face any of those difficulties in the long run.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay doesn’t need much introduction; it’s the payment service that ships with iPhones and other iDevices, allowing you to transact using your mobile device only. It uses NFC technology to communicate with POS devices or remotely over the internet.

By the beginning of 2020, Apple Pay already has a whopping 440 million users. While that figure is likely inflated by the number of iOS users who don’t care about Apple Pay, 440 million sounds like an excellent number for any service.

Apple Pay will work on your device if it was manufactured by Apple and is just as old as the iPhone 6. iPads, iPods, MacBooks, and Apple Watches are some of the other devices that also support the payment system since they’re all from Apple.

You don’t need an Apple-specific payment terminal to use Apple Pay. Most point-of-sale devices and payment processors have built-in Apple Pay support, so you can charge iOS users without them needing to ever handle a card; genius thought, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

However, to make any payments with Apple Pay, you need money on it, and there’s only one way to get the money; adding a funding source. At the moment, Apple lets you add credit cards and debit cards as funding sources, but how exactly do you do that?

How to Verify Apple Pay on Cash App

At this point, you already know what Apple Pay means and why you may need to add your Cash App Visa debit card. If you’ve settled on the card, the steps to arrive at it aren’t very different from that of adding debit cards from other financial organizations.

There are two primary ways to add your Cash App card to Apple Pay. You can either do it from your Apple Pay Wallet app or you can try to complete the process from within the Cash App. Since both will eventually arrive at the same goal, I’ll show you how to go about both here.

Here’s how to verify Apple Pay on Cash App easily.

  • From the Apple Wallet app

The best way for most people is to add the card from the Apple Wallet app. The app is easy to use and adding a new debit card is as easy as pie. However, you should also ensure you have access to the Cash App account associated with the card before getting started.

To add a Cash App card to Apple Pay, open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the + icon to add a new card. At this point, get your Cash App Visa debit card and enter all the details that the app requires to continue with the link.

Apple Pay will try to verify if you’re indeed the owner of the card you’re trying to add to your wallet. In most cases, you’ll see a couple of back-and-forth money transfers, while you’ll have to verify the amount involved in each transaction. If you pass the verification, you’ve successfully added the card to your Apple Pay.

  • From Cash App

While it’s unknown to many, Cash App does offer an option that lets you add your Cash App card to Apple Pay within the app. Now that you know, you may want to discover how it’s possible to add a Cash Card to an Apple Wallet without opening Apple Wallet itself.

It’s pretty simple: open the Cash App on your smartphone and head over to the card tab from the home screen. From here, select the image of your Cash App card and tap the option to add it to Apple Pay. At this point, you may also have to go through verifications to ensure you own the card and the account.  

Why Add Apple Pay to Cash App?

If you’re struggling to see the rationale behind going out of your way to add your Cash App card to Apple Pay, there are many. For one, it makes it easier to pay for purchases without having to swipe a card each time. What’s more, you’re paying with money from your Cash App balance

Also verifying Apple Pay on Cash App consolidates your payment services to make it easier to manage your money. Once you start needing this feature, you’ll understand why so many people want to get the same thing done.

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Adding your Cash App card to Apple Pay sounds weird; you’re supposed to add bank cards and Cash App isn’t a bank. However, the Cash Card is a valid Visa debit card, and the inability to add the card would be a wasted opportunity.

Fortunately, no opportunities are wasted as there are two different ways to verify Apple Pay on Cash App. Choose any of the two that best suits you and you’ll have your Cash Card as a funding source for Apple Pay in no time.

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