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How Do I Enable Instant Deposit on Cash App?

If you’ve ever tried to deposit money into your bank account or debit card from your Cash App balance, you’ll notice that the money takes quite a while to arrive. By Cash App estimations, it should take one to three working days, but it’s sometimes quicker.

However, you must have heard of a Cash App feature that makes it possible to get deposits to your bank account without the wait time. The instant deposit feature on Cash App makes deposits to your bank account technically almost instant, with wait times not nearly as much as that of the regular deposit feature.

However, how do I enable instant deposit on Cash App? In this article, I’ll take you through the steps of changing your deposit speed from the regular slow speed to near-instant speeds using Instant Deposit.

What are Instant Deposits on Cash App?

The Instant Deposits Cash App feature is the app’s premium offering that processes your deposit requests instantly, as opposed to the traditional slow bank transfer processing peculiar to Cash App. According to Cash App, deposits sent using the Instant Deposits feature will arrive instantly on your debit card.

The other option is Instant Deposits, which is the default standard deposit option. For that, there’s no promise of instant processing of the funds, and true to the promise, deposits made using this option never arrive instantly. According to Cash App, you should expect the deposit within one and three days when you choose this option.

With that said, you should already know that every free thing comes at a cost, and the Instant Deposits feature is no exception. When trying to deposit money using this speedy option, you should expect to pay a charge worth 1.5% or $0.25 of the amount in question as a service charge, whichever is more.

If that sounds fair to you, there’s no other obstacle to using Instant Deposits other than the ones already associated with standard deposits. The following sections will take a look at how to enable Instant Deposits on Cash App if you agree to the terms.

How Do I Enable Instant Deposit on Cash App?

Contrary to what you may be thinking, Instant Deposits isn’t like an option within the Settings app that you can enable. While it’s technically an option, you don’t enable it instantly; you only enable it for individual transactions if you so wish.

Fortunately, enabling instant deposits for your transactions on Cash App is incredibly easy. Here are the steps required to enable the Instant Deposits feature when trying to send money on Cash App.

  • Initiate the cash-out process

The process of depositing your Cash App balance to your bank account is known as Cash Out. The option is hidden away inside Cash App, and you can find it to fund your bank account or debit card using funds from your balance.

Since you need to deposit to use the Instant Deposits feature at all, you’ll need to find the Cash Out button first. Simply head over to the My Cash tab by tapping on the dollar icon at the bottom, then select the Cash Out option.

  • Indicate the amount and select the transaction speed

After choosing to withdraw money from your Cash App balance, you’ll need to indicate exactly how much you intend to withdraw. You can withdraw as little as $1, and as high as you want, as long as your account is verified.

One thing you may want to keep in mind is that you’ll have to pay a charge of $0.25 instead of the regular 1.5% if you’re withdrawing anything less than $17. You may want to keep that in mind while deciding on how much you intend to withdraw.

After choosing the amount you want to withdraw, you can proceed to choose the transfer speed. At this point, you’ll notice there are two options: Standard and Instant. Selecting the former option will use the regular slow processing option, while the latter will use the Instant Deposits feature to speed up the process.

  1. Authenticate the transaction and wait for it to arrive

After choosing the Instant Deposits option, you’ll need to authenticate the transaction for the money to arrive in your account. The authentication process typically involves typing a PIN, verifying your fingerprint, or using a Face ID. If the verification is successful, you can start waiting for the money to arrive, although your wait should be short.

As explained earlier, the money should arrive in your bank account instantly if you indeed chose to use the Instant Deposits feature. If you had to wait for up to an hour without receiving the deposit, you’ve likely skipped the part where you should select the Instant Deposits option.

While there’s a downside to that (your money won’t be arriving instantly), there’s also an upside. The upside is that you don’t have to forfeit 1.5% of your money. Once you’ve proceeded with a transaction without selecting to process it instantly, there’s no going back, unfortunately.

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Cash App transfers will always arrive eventually, but not everyone can wait for one to three days to wait for the money to arrive. If everyone was like me, nobody would be using the standard deposit option. That’s the default on Cash App for just how slowly it works.

If you’re willing to forfeit 1.5% of the total amount, you’re trying to deposit, however, you may want to check out the Instant Deposits feature. The feature processes your deposits instantly, so you don’t have to wait too long for your deposits to arrive, albeit at a price.

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