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How To Reset A Second Hand Apple Watch

In today’s Techrul guide, you will learn how to reset a second hand Apple Watch. Today I’m going to show you the most straightforward procedures that would allow you to reset as second hand Apple Watch.

Hence, if you bought a second-hand Apple Watch or intend to buy one, please make sure you collect the Apple ID or, better still, tell the principal owner to unpair the Apple Watch from their device and reset it for you.

But if you are ordering an already used Apple Watch from any online store. For example, eBay. Please make sure you speak with customer care to confirm if the Apple Watch you want to buy is not locked.

However, if you’ve already acquired the Apple Watch and later realize that it’s locked, the best step to take in this situation is to reset it, and everything will erase. However, this will only work if the principal owner didn’t enable “Find My” on the Apple Watch. Or you can contact the primary owner and plead him to unlock the Watch for you.

Follow the steps below to unpair any Apple Watch from a device before purchasing it.

  1. Ensure the Apple Watch in question and the paired iPhone is close to each other.
  2. Now use the paired iPhone to open the Apple Watch and tap the My Watch option.
  3. You will see the Apple Watch at the top of the screen, tap on the name, and then tap the information button(“i”).
  4. You’ll see the Unpair Apple Watch displaying on your screen; kindly tap on it.
  5. It is time to enter the correct Apple ID password associated with both devices to turn off the Activation Lock.
  6. Double click to confirm the action. After you’ve unpaired the Apple Watch from the iPhone, your iPhone will create a back-up of the Apple Watch.

I’ll first ask you one question before I show you how to reset a second hand Apple Watch, do you know that it is possible to erase your Apple Watch after being sold? Yes, you heard me. Follow the steps below to erase and turn off the activation lock on your Apple Watch.

  1. First of all, sign in to your iCloud.com account with the correct Apple ID associated with the device. 
  2. Now tap All Devices and then tap the Apple Watch in question.
  3. Lastly, tap the Erase Apple Watch tab and click next. The erase will start immediately, and you have to wait until the Apple Watch is erased.

How To Reset A Second Hand Apple Watch

Do you have the correct Apple ID that is associated with the Apple Watch? If yes, then resetting the second hand Apple Watch will be as simple as ABC. Follow the steps below.

  1. First of all, turn on the second hand, “Apple Watch “that you want to reset.
  2. From the Apple Watch, open the menu and proceed to “Settings.”
  3. Now tap the “General “tab displaying on your screen.
  4. Ignore everything you see and scroll down to the bottom, and tap the “Reset “button.
  5. Now tap the “Erase All Content and Settings “button.
  6. Do you have the passcode? If yes, kindly enter it when prompted. If not, then skip this one and read the one below.
  7. Lastly, swipe down and choose to “Erase All or Erase All & Keep Plan” if you have a cellular watch.

Now the Apple Watch will be reset, and everything will be erased. Hence, if you don’t have the Apple ID to reset the Apple Watch, I suggest you contact the previous owner.

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Things You Must Do Before You Buy Apple Watch From A Third-Party Seller

  1. First of all, Identify the age and model of the Apple Watch
  2. Ensure the previous owner has removed the Activation Lock from the Apple watch and that the Watch has been erased. (or he should give your the Apple ID to remove the activation lock by yourself.)
  3. Ensure the Apple Watch doesn’t have any fault.
  4. Ensure the previous owner unpaired the Watch from their device.
  5. For mobile models of Apple Watch, make sure that the previous owner removed and canceled any active mobile plans.


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  1. I lost my Apple Watch last year but my Apple ID says my Apple Watch 38 mm aluminum case is in my room. Would my Apple ID be mistaking my iPad for a watch
    Or my other iPad or my car keys or something


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