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How To Change Apple Pay Card

One of the great features of Apple Pay is its ease of use and simplicity, but that also means that if you want to switch your default card, it’s easy to do with just a few taps on your phone. 

If you haven’t already checked out Apple Pay, it’s the easiest way to pay without needing to get your wallet out. 

It’s especially useful when you’re paying in person and don’t have time to dig through your wallet! Follow these steps below to learn how to change Apple Pay card.

How To Change Apple Pay Card

  • Step 1. First, go to the Wallet app

Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Then toggle off any cards you don’t want to use with Apple Pay by sliding left. You can re-enable them by tapping on their on/off switches and then confirm your changes.

Once you’ve got only one card selected, tap Set as Default at the bottom of your screen. Now future payments will go through that card (unless you change it again). 

  • Step 2: Next, when making a purchase in a store, double-click your iPhone’s home button to bring up Apple Pay. 

The default card should be preselected; if not, swipe up from below to choose it. When prompted for a security code or passcode (if you have one set), enter it and press Confirm; then hold your phone near or against an NFC reader until payment is complete. 

That’s all there is to it! No more swiping and signing! Note: If you ever need to switch back to another card, just repeat these steps. As long as your default card isn’t set to None, you won’t need to re-enter its information every time.

Tip: For faster access to stores, add your debit or credit cards right into Passbook—just launch Passbook and then click on the plus sign (+) icon on the lower right corner of its main page.

From there, select Add Credit or Debit Card, which will prompt you to scan your card using your iPhone’s camera. From now on, whenever you open a Passbook while in a store where Apple Pay is accepted, you’ll see those added cards listed under Wallet (or whatever name you gave them). 

Just tap on whichever one (s) you want to use and start shopping!  

What Is Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a way to pay for goods and services using your iPhone. It’s faster than cash, contactless, and more secure than credit cards. Apple will notify you every time someone tries to use Apple Pay on your phone and allow you to decide whether you want to authorize payments from that device or merchant. 

Here are some other things you should know about Apple Pay! To set up Apple Pay, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card. 

Follow the instructions in order to add a card (or multiple cards) into your digital wallet. Then make sure you have an updated version of iOS (8.1+) and NFC-capable hardware (iPhone 6/6 Plus). 

If so, simply hold your phone near any NFC terminal with your finger on Touch ID until it beeps—this means the payment terminal has successfully read it. From there, just tap Use Apple Pay to complete your transaction. 

And that’s it! You can also remove cards at any time through Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. This lets you switch between debit and credit cards without having to re-enter information manually. 

For example, if you typically pay with a debit card but need to make a purchase using your credit card, all you need to do is tap debit when prompted during checkout and then select credit as your form of payment. Easy peasy! As long as you have enough funds on your default card, you won’t even need to enter a pin number. 

Otherwise, you can still choose credit but enter your pin instead of paying with Touch ID. 

Besides tapping and holding your phone against a payment terminal, you can also use Apple Pay within apps like Target, Groupon, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, Sephora, Staples, Whole Foods Market..the list goes on! Just look for apple pay or NFC in supported apps.

How To Change Default Card On Apple pay

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Apple Pay is a convenient new payment service that has recently been introduced. Although it is secure and extremely simple to use, many people are unaware of how to change their default card or add new cards to Apple pay

This guide will detail exactly how to do both. First off, if you have not already done so, you will need to download Apple Pay on your device.

Once you have downloaded and set up your phone with Apple Pay, all you need to do is hold your phone up to any compatible terminal where you would normally swipe your credit card. 

When prompted, enter your pin number (or touch ID) which will then prompt for a signature if necessary.

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That’s it! It really is as easy as 1-2-3. Now, should you wish how to change Apple Pay card or add additional cards to Apple Pay, follow these steps above.

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