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How to Activate Venmo Card

If you’re not familiar with Venmo, it’s an app that allows you to send or receive money from anyone who has the app—and that person can then use that money at places like Target and Whole Foods. 

Once you sign up, they send you your own branded Venmo card in the mail—but how do you activate it? Check out this guide on how to activate Venmo card and start spending!

The Venmo App

There are a lot of ways you can use Venmo, and it’s best for mobile payments. In fact, paying through your Venmo account can be up to 10 times faster than a credit card or cash transaction. 

To start using your account in stores, you have to activate it by providing your name, address and phone number.

You’ll also need to link your bank account or debit card so that you can transfer money from your Venmo balance into your bank account. 

If you choose not to link a bank account, then all transactions will remain in your Venmo balance until they are transferred out—or until they expire (up to 180 days). If there is any money left over after that time period, it will go back into your linked bank account.

How do I activate my Venmo Mastercard Debit Card? 

It’s easy. Just make sure your card is linked, and you’re all set! Here’s how: Tap Link a Bank Account on your home screen or in Settings. 

Select your bank, enter your username and password, and select Login. Once you are logged into your bank account, we will pull up your account information automatically. 

If you have multiple accounts at that bank, select yours using the drop-down menu on top right of screen. 

You can also manually enter your routing number and account number if needed. After selecting an account, tap Continue and follow any additional prompts to complete activation. 

That’s it! You can now use your Venmo Mastercard Debit Card for purchases everywhere. Mastercard is accepted.

Note: Activation may take up to 24 hours after linking your bank account.

How can I get the Venmo Debit Card? 

In order to activate your Venmo debit card, you need to first link your bank account. To do so, log into your account and head over to Settings under Venmo Account.

 From there, you will see a section labeled Linked Accounts where you can select which bank account you want linked. Once selected, click Save Changes at the bottom of your screen. 

You should then receive an email from Venmo stating that they have received all of your information and are processing it. 

The next time you login to your account, you should be able to see a new section titled Debit Cards that says Pending on it. Once processed (which takes 1-2 business days), click on Debit Cards and click Activate next to whichever card is yours.

Does it cost money to apply for the Venmo Debit Card? 

No, it does not cost money to apply for or use your Venmo Debit Card. However, there are standard service charges associated with using your card at certain merchants and ATMs. 

For example, they will charge you a $2.00 fee every time you use your card in an ATM outside of our network (the ATM Surcharge). 

Please see our Fee Schedule for more information on applicable fees. Also, please note that any fees assessed by other financial institutions (such as foreign transaction fees) may still apply when using your Venmo Debit Card.

How to Activate Venmo Card

To activate your credit card, all you need is your account information, which you can find on a check that was recently deposited into your Venmo account. 

If you don’t have any checks in your account, contact support via email or chat. You will be asked for additional information, including but not limited to: Driver’s License Number, Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

After providing all required information, it will take up to 1 business day for all data about you to be verified. Once you are approved, your credit card will be activated within 24 hours. Note: You must have at least $25 available in your Venmo balance to use your credit card.

If I cancel my Credit Card from my profile page, does it automatically deactivate my Credit Card? : No, if you cancel your Credit Card from within your profile page, it does not automatically deactivate your Credit Card. You must contact support via email or chat and request that your card be deactivated. 

After receiving confirmation from support, please allow up to 24 hours for all data about you to be verified and for them to update your credit card information in their system. Once completed, your credit card will be deactivated within 24 hours.

Expiring Venmo Debit Cards

Did you know that if you aren’t using your debit card, it may be deactivated? No worries, with a few easy steps from you and a little help from Venmo, we can reactivate your account! Here’s how: 

  • Open up your Venmo app. 
  • Go to Profile > Account Info and select Manage Cards.
  •  Select your card and press Deactivate when prompted. 
  • Once you’ve done so, go back to Manage Cards and select Reactivate. 
  • Enter your PIN (or use Touch ID) to confirm you want to reactivate your card. 
  • You should receive an email confirming that your card has been reactivated within 24 hours of deactivation (but typically much sooner). If not, please check your spam folder just in case!
  •  That’s it! Now go spend some money on something nice for yourself!

How long will it take to get my Venmo Debit Card? 

It can take up to two weeks from when your account is fully verified for your card to arrive. Once it does, you’ll need to activate it within a month of receiving it. 

Don’t forget—your cash will still be available in your Venmo balance while you wait for your card.

 You can also transfer money between friends or withdraw directly to your bank account if you prefer not to use your card. You should receive an email notification with tracking information once it ships out. 

Where can I use my Venmo Debit Card? 

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With your Venmo Debit Card, you can pay in-store and online at retailers everywhere. Mastercard is accepted. 

Just look for Choose PayPal Credit at the checkout. You can also withdraw cash from any Visa, Plus or Interlink ATM displaying the Visa, Plus or Interlink logo.

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This article has shown you how to activate Venmo card and other things necessary before using the card. If you encounter any issue or have questions, use the comment the box to drop your questions.

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