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How Social Media is Revolutionising the Pilgrimage Experience?

The use of social media has become quite common. People of all ages spend considerable time on various social media platforms. This makes people curious about how social media is revolutionising the pilgrimage experience. Different social media platforms are quite helpful in guiding Muslims about pilgrimage. Moreover, pilgrims can also share their spiritual experiences with their loved ones through selfies and other pictures on their social media accounts. 

We cannot deny that social media has become a prominent part of our lives. This is why we cannot deny its importance during the spiritual journey. Various reliable accounts on social media guide you before and during your Hajj or Umrah. These accounts are run by experienced authorities or people who want to help other pilgrims.

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Reliable Social Media Accounts Helping During Pilgrimage 

As mentioned earlier, many people and authorities make social media accounts to guide the pilgrims. Usually, people run these accounts because of their past experiences or their present connections to provide reliable information. Pilgrims who will perform the pilgrimage for the first time follow these accounts for guidance. 

But you must follow social media accounts that are trusted and authentic. If you want official help, you must follow monitored accounts. This way, you will be able to avoid any kind of false information. Only then will you be able to get the help that you need during your Hajj or Umrah journey. 

Social media accounts that are solely made to provide information about Hajj and Umrah can benefit the pilgrims. As most people always have their smartphones, they can check out vital information right away to avoid any issues. 

The Concept of Holy Selfies

Muslims are quite aware of the holy selfies. These are the selfies that fortunate Muslims take at the sacred sites who get a chance to perform Hajj or Umrah. Pilgrims then post these selfies on their social media accounts to share their spiritual experiences with their loved ones. It is also a source of peace and joy for the people watching their holy selfies.

Every Muslim yearns to be at the holy sites in Saudi Arabia. And there are many Muslims who are deprived of this experience. So, the pictures the fortunate ones post at the sacred sites are a source of joy for all Muslims. Even though they are just sharing their own experience, the ones who cannot be there get a chance to see the sacred sites virtually and pray for the blessings of Allah Almighty.

The holy selfies have become mandatory for Muslims. These pictures help the pilgrims preserve their spiritual experience. They also represent the believers in Islam around the world. Selfies of pilgrims at the holiest sites send a message of peace to the world against the increasing Islamophobia. This is how social media is revolutionising the pilgrimage experience for the whole world. 

Social Media Conveys Positive Image of Islam and Muslims

Islamophobia is nothing new to us. There are many nations and people around the world who still think that Muslims are terrorists. Therefore, the Umrah and Hajj journey allows Muslims to create a peaceful image worldwide. Millions of Muslims of all races, statuses, and nationalities gather at the Holy Kaabah, the sacred house of Allah Almighty, to perform the pilgrimage. 

There is not any discrimination among Muslims. This implies that everyone is equal in Islam, eliminating racism or a superiority complex. Moreover, all these people gathered at the holy sites express brotherhood and humility. This shows the virtues of Muslims and displays them as peaceful people. 

Muslims must know how they can use social media to reduce the harsh depictions of Islam. The peaceful gathering and kindness towards each other can help Muslims build a friendly image. Moreover, the pictures and stories of Muslims from their pilgrimages hold a specific kind of spirituality. Non-Muslims also tend to feel this spirituality and serenity. 

Therefore, if used correctly, social media is a great platform for Muslims to change the world’s views of Islam and Muslims. It perfectly reflects unity among the Muslim nation and its brotherhood. 


Social media has become a prominent part of our lives. But we must benefit from it positively and avoid its negative aspects. Social media platforms have also enhanced the whole pilgrimage experience for Muslims. It has made it more accessible and memorable. 

You can now share your spiritual experience with your loved ones and ensure that you have all your memories saved. This is how social media is revolutionising the pilgrimage experience. 

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