Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2021

Glo free browsing cheat

Finally, we have arrived with the long-awaited Glo free browsing cheat code that allows you to browse, stream online movies and also download without paying a dime. This year is a year of a free cheat, we have been enjoying free browsing on MTN and Airtel and here we come with unlimited cheat for Glo network.

Although a lot of people are still doubting the cheat while the wise ones are busy enjoying it. So don’t be a doubting Thomas, follow the instructions on this post to activate the cheat before it gets blocked, unlike the other ones.

Since this year a lot of people like me have not paid a dime for data, I have been enjoying unlimited free data from January till now. I am not stingy, so I shared all the cheat that is working perfectly fine on this blog to enable you to carry out all your internet activities without paying a dime for data.

What Is Glo Free Data Cheat?

Glo cheat is a shortcode or a VPN trick that allows all the eligible customers to browse, stream online videos, and download without paying a dime for data.

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It is not magic or anything extraordinary, it is just a trick that is done within a few minutes. However, continue reading this helpful article to get the full information.

Who Can Use The Glo Free Browsing Cheat?

The Glo cheat is available to all the Glo customers, it is bot meant for a set of people only. So are you are a student or an apprentice who is finding it very hard to pay for data? if yes then this cheat is going to go a very long way for you. Kindly read carefully and adhere to all the instructions on this post to activate the cheat.

Is This Glo Free Browsing Unlimited Or Capped?

The amazing thing about this Glo cheat is that it is not capped, unlike some other cheat you get in some of the websites out there. This one is an unlimited cheat and it works in all Glo sim cards.

Features Of Glo Free Browsing

Like I said earlier, the Glo cheat comes with a lot of interesting features that make it very attractive to everyone:

  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited download
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Unlimited Chatting
  • Unlimited browsing

Requirement For Glo Cheat

Hey, they are few things that are required from you before you can actually start making use of the latest Glo free browsing cheat. They are:

  • Glo sim card
  • Android phone

All the three things listed above are the things needed for you before you can start enjoying the cheat. Do you have them all? if yes then continue reading.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat

Disclaimer– This cheat is working perfectly fine as of the time it was posted, if it suddenly stops working or didn’t work for you, it could be that it has been blocked by the Glo agent. However, rush now and activate it before it stops working.

Glo Free Browsing Using AnonyTun VPN

AnonyTun VPN app allows all the Glo customers to unlock and enjoy free browsing without paying a dime, but for that, below are the recommended APN settings and how to configure it.

  • Name: Techrul
  • APN: Gloflat
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat
  • APN Type: Default, Supl
  • Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP

Please make sure you adhere to all the instructions above else it will never work. Now follow the below instructions to start browsing for free on your Glo sim card.

  • First of all download the AnonyTun VPN app here.
  • Now open the VPN app and click on Stealth Settings on the app.
  • Now apply the following.
  • Connection Protocol: HTTP.
  • Connection Port: 80 or 8080 or 8081.
  • Tap on EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS then, enter the following the section provided below:
  • Url/Host:
  • Request Method: POST.
  • Injection Method: Normal
  • Tick the “USER-AGENT” box.
  • Tick the “KEEP-ALIVE” box.
  • Tap on GENERATE.
  • Now validate and save the settings.

After completing all the steps above, then you can go ahead and start enjoying unlimited Glo free browsing cheat without paying a dime. Or did you see where they asked you to make any payment? of course NO. However, do not forget to drop your questions in the comment section.

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