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Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat For 2021

Hey, have you started making use of the latest MTN free browsing cheat? if no, then you are very lucky to be on this post. The new cheat is blazing very hot now and a lot of people are already making use of it.

This is not really the first time of enjoying free browsing cheat, however, it has been very long we enjoyed it. I can remember very well, it was in 2018 that we enjoyed a total cheat. And guess what? we have found a new MTN free data cheat that is working perfectly fine, it doesn’t cap unlike other ones, it works in all sim card, and it is unlimited. I know you can’t wait to start enjoying this great offer.

What Is MTN Cheat All About?

The word free browsing cheat is no longer new in Nigeria or let’s say Africa at large, however, if it is really your first time of hearing it. It is a trick that allows you to browse, stream, and download with your mobile phone or PC without paying a dime for data. Yes, it is possible, this is not really the first time of enjoying it.

For this cheat to work perfectly fine, it requires you to download a VPN app that will be mentioned below while some don’t require any VPN at all, just a USSD code.

Who Can Enjoy The MTN Free Browsing Cheat?

Hey, nobody is left behind when it comes to this particular cheat that am about to share with you guys now, be you a government worker, president of the country, or a student. All that is expected from you is to have a registered MTN sim card and some of the other requirements below.

Requirements For MTN Free Data Cheat

Like I said earlier, they are some things that are expected from you before you can start enjoying this cheat. They are:

  • A registered MTN sim card.
  • Smart phone.
  • VPN App

That is all you need guys, you don’t need airtime or active data before you can activate the cheat.

Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat

NOTE- This cheat is working perfectly fine as of the time it was posted, if it suddenly stops working or didn’t work for you, it could be that it has been blocked by the MTN agent. However, rush now and activate it before it stop working.

  • First of all, download the XP Psiphon VPN CLICK HERE
  • Then download the EHI configuration file.
  • Go ahead and launch the XP Psiphon VPN on your phone.
  • Tap on the 3dots at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on the “Config” option from the list.
  • Select “Import Config” right here.
  • It’s time to locate the configuration file you downloaded earlier.
  • Now, find and import .xp Config file to the XP Psiphon app.
  • You will see a confirmation message after this action.
  • Select “UNITED STATES” in the server section.
  • Now, tap on the “Connect” button and wait for some seconds for it to connect.

That’s all, id very simple right? Good, that’s not the end for this unlimited MTN free browsing cheat, scroll down, and find more Workin cheats. If this one didn’t work for you, the ones below must surely work for you.

Latest MTN Free Data cheat Using Hammer VPN

Hey, all the cheats that are posted on this blog are currently working very fine, go ahead and activater the one you like. Of the one above didn’t work for you then you rush now and activate this one.

Hey, please read carefully and adhere to all the instructions on this article to avoid missing any vital information.

How To configure Hammer VPN;

First of all, download the VPN from CLICK HERE
Now install and open the app

Input the following:
Server: select one of the free servers listed.
Box 1: 8080
Box 2: 9201
Select UDP in the drop-down.
Leave the Username and Password the way it is.
Tick the box. Tap the “connect” button to get started.

That’s all, you can now start browsing, chatting, and watching your favorite movies online without paying a dime. Now let me go ahead and share the last one.

MTN Opera Mini Free Browsing Cheat

This particular one is not a trick and not really a total MTN free browsing cheat, the Opera Mini partnered with MTN telecom to offer all the opera mini users a very cheap data rate but unfortunately, this particular cheat can only be used to browse. I not be used for download or streaming and it seems to work only on the opera mini browser. However, follow the below instructions to activate it:

Requirements For MTN Opera Mini Cheat

  • N100 opera mini data plan.
  • MTN sim card.
  • Samsung Max VPN.
  • Your android phone.

Do you have all the things listed above? if yes then follow the below steps to activate the cheat immediately.

  • First, subscribe to the MTN opera mini data plan. Dial *131*3# to subscribe. This plan is a monthly data plan.
  • Now download Samsung Max VPN CLICK HERE. After downloading and installing the app successfully. Launch it and upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Click on connect after upgrading the VPN. Make the following changes tick on the“Mobile Data Saving Mode” and “Privacy Protection” options. Now you can browse and download only your mobile phone or PC.

This MTN free browsing cheat has been confirmed to be unlimited and you can use it on any device. Download unlimited movies and watch videos online. The cheat has been tested and confirmed.

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