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Why Is the Cash App Not Working On My Phone?

If you use Cash App regularly, you’ve probably been met with the following error message at least once: Service Unavailable. The Cash App isn’t working right now. We’re sorry and are working hard to fix this issue! 

While a Cash App might fix it fast, there could be many reasons your Cash App may not be working on your phone. In this article, we have listed some tips on what to do if Cash App isn’t working on your phone or device

Why is Cash App Unable to Sign in on This Device?

Because the Cash App is for digital currency, they set it up to be extra cautious about transactions. Having knowledge of the causes of Cash App not being able to log in can help solve the problem within a minute.

Logging out first before logging in is important to ensure you can log in successfully. Sometimes after using a smartphone for too long, some content, such as images and apps, may be corrupted. 

If you don’t log out of your account first before switching devices, you may end up having a Cash App not working on your phone or tablet device because of a corrupted database. To solve Cash App login problems, we recommend restarting your device and then signing in again.

Why Is the Cash App Not Working On My Phone?

  • Reason 1: Poor or Unsafe Network Connections

There are two kinds of internet problems that may cause you to cannot sign in to the cash app: one being an inadequate internet connection and the other being a connection to an unsafe network. 

One option is your phone was connected to an internet signal that can’t sustain an app like Cash App, while an unsafe internet means you connect to a Wi-Fi network that can log your phone data and steal your password. 

Personal data can be stolen while your phone is connected to an unknown public network. Actually, it always happens when you connect to an unverified public network.

  • Reason 2: Outdated Version

The old version of the Cash app will also make Cash App unable to sign in on your device. Every application should be up to date if you want it to work smoothly. 

Essentially, when a new version of an app is released, the older one will malfunction in an attempt to convince you to update to the newer one.

  • Reason 3: Multiple Devices’ Login

Generally, it’s the main reason Cash App says Unable to sign in on this device. Multiple devices’ sign-in means you are trying to login to Cash App on multiple devices simultaneously with only one account, which violates Cash App’s policies. 

You can log in to devices such as your personal computer, your own phone, or your friend’s phone, but only allow one login at a time.

  • Reason 4: Apps Background Interference

This will happen to you if you use the Cash App on your phone when there are other apps open on your phone; since some apps are spyware, your activity may seem questionable. 

Furthermore, not all applications can work with the Cash app, especially if they are being used at the same time. For these reasons, a message like ‘unable to log in on this device Cash App’ will appear.

  • Reason 5: iOS System Glitch

The root of the problem has to do with your operating system, specifically your iPhone. It’s certainly not perfect. iOS crashes from time to time and can cause various issues. 

There are lots of glitch issues that have been mentioned recently, and some of them may lead to my cash app being unable to sign in on this device. Though it’s rare, it’s worth noting just in case.

How to Fix a Cash App Unable to Sign in on This Device?

The Cash App may not be working because of your internet connection. First, try restarting your device and re-opening the Cash App.   

If that doesn’t work, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. If you’re still having trouble connecting to Cash App after restarting your device and reconnecting to Wi-Fi or cellular data,

  • Make Sure Your Network Is Well Connected

Connecting to a secure, stable internet connection may help solve not being able to sign in to your device for the Cash App. If you’re on a public Wi-Fi, then go to your cellular data.

 If you’re on private Wi-Fi, go to your more commonly used Wi-Fi. Restart your phone if you’re using cellular data in order to boost the cellular data signal.

  • Update Cash App

When you have not been using the Cash App for a long time, you should make sure there is a newer version available; it is very easy to update Cash App so that it works properly on this device. From your app store, search Cash App and check whether it has the latest version.

 If it does, select an update and wait for seconds. To do so, update the app, log in with your account, and open the app or the website on a desktop computer. Don’t log in using a third-party app.

  • Ensure Logging Out From Other Devices

Cash App currently restricts logging in from over one device. If you’re logging in on a new device without logging out from the last one, it will lead to the Cash App being unable to log in on this device. You need to log out from the last device.

First, tap on the profile icon. After that, tap the Sign Out button. You can then log in to the other device.

  • Stop Apps Running in the Background

The Cash App may be unavailable because of app background running problems. Please go to Settings to clear the applications running in the background. 

This is how to do it

On the Home screen of the iPhone, or while in an app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause while still pressing the screen / If you’re using an iPhone with the home button, then tap the home button twice.

In order to close an app, swipe left and right through the different cards in the App Switcher to find the card that is the one you wish to close.

When you’re done using an app, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

clear apps background

  • Use ReBoot to Fix iOS Glitch

You might be able to solve the Cash App, unable to sign in on this device by the aforementioned means, but you’ll be less successful if it’s an iOS glitch.

For example, if you restart your phone and find the problem still exists, then we recommend you use ReiBoot. You can download ReiBoot on your PC, which can repair your iOS glitch and various iPhone issues with a 99% success rate.

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If Cash App is not working on your phone, this article has shown your the reason and the various ways to get rid of the issue. Use the comment section to drop your questions.

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