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How To Update iPhone On Computers Without iTunes 

Tech giant Apple Inc, which got insanely famous for its iPhones, usually dish out new upgrades every year. We know these upgrades to fix technical glitches and improve the overall performance of the iOS device.

In this concise guide, you will learn how to update iPhone on computers without iTunes.

How then do you update your iPhone without iTunes?

Over the years, iTunes has been used to update apple devices. But do you know you can download and install any Apple software upgrade on any of your preferred devices (iPhone & iPad, respectively)?

Can I upgrade my iPad touch without iTunes?

Of course, you can! This article will show you how to bypass the use of iTunes when updating any of your iPhone devices.

Many people want to bypass iTunes when updating their iOS device because they might experience some sort of errors while trying to update their iOS device on iTunes. An iPhone user may also feel the need to bypass iTunes for reasons best known to them. However, an iPhone user can update his device without using iTunes by using the iPhone device to download the files needed for the updating of the iOS device from tech giant Apple.

How To Update iPhone On Computers Without iTunes 

There are virtually two methods that an iPhone user can use to update his iPhone. Read on for more information on how to update your iPhone without iTunes.

Learn how to download the best iOS version for your iPhone!

  • Method 1: Updating And Installing Your iPhone With Wi-Fi:

This method is simple as you don’t need a MacBook computer to update your iPhone device. For a successful update of your iPhone device without iTunes, you are going to require a strong Wi-Fi connection is required and ensure your iPhone battery is above 90%. 

If your iPhone battery is below 90%, ensure you plug in the charger for a successful update. Below are steps on how to achieve updating your iPhone device with Wi-Fi 

  • Launch your settings program on your iPhone.
  • Search for general, click on it, and then click on software update.
  • Your phone will automatically notify you of any available update for your device. 
  • Click on the update and download and install the available iOS update for your iPhone.
  • Ensure you click on the option to download the iOS update over a WiFi connection
  • You will not notice a progress bar on your iPhone once your device starts downloading the updates.
  • Your iPhone will ask for your permission in installing the iOS update (either to install now or at a later time. However, if you choose to install it at that very moment, your iPhone will automatically restart itself.

NB: Do exercise patience while your iPhone device is updating, as a disruption in the “download and installation” process might cause your iPhone to behave abnormally.

Method 2: Updating And Installing Your iPhone Device Without iTunes; Using An Older iOS version:

Another proven way of updating an iPhone without iTunes is by downloading a previous iOS version from Apple on the Apple server. The downside of this is that the download file might be extremely large, so ensure you have enough internet data to complete the download and installation process.

NB; Before updating your iPhone device via the Wi-Fi connection option of downloading an older iOS version, do ensure to back up your files on the cloud to prevent loss of data.

Detriment Of Updating My iPhone Device Without iTunes

Some iPhones users wonder there’s a consequence for updating their device while bypassing iTunes. Many people want to know if bypassing iTunes to update their phones will make their phones vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

While some iPhones users are curious about whether they will lose videos, images, documents, etc on their phones when they update their iPhone device.

The good news is that there’s are no side effects or consequences for updating an iOS device without iTunes. However, you are likely to experience data loss if you cannot back up your images, pictures, documents, videos, etc

In addition, your iPhone might experience some abnormalities when your “downloading and installing” process is disrupted.

Can I Install Apple Software On My Windows Computer?

Some Windows users might feel the need to upgrade their windows software to Apple software, just so they could enjoy part of what iOS users enjoy. They can upgrade windows to Apple software by using third-party software.

The third-party software may or may not be associated with either Apple or Windows.

Can I Update My iPhone Without A MacBook?

Of course, you can download and install a new iOS version on your phone without a MacBook. You don’t need a computer to update your iOS device. They can upgrade iPhones using a strong Wi-Fi connection and downloading and install the new iOS version using your iPhone.

Can I Update My iPhone 6 without iTunes?

An iPhone 4 user may feel the need to upgrade his iOS version to a higher one. You don’t need to visit a certified technician to upgrade your iPhone 4 to a higher version.

All you need to do is launch your settings program, navigate down to general, then you’ll for any available updates, and then download a new iOS version for your iPhone.

Can I Restore My Lost Data After An Update?

You are more than likely to lose app data when updating your iPhone device. For example, you can lose pictures, videos, etc.

It’s very possible to retrieve lost data when updating your iPhone device. However, it’s only possible once you have previously backed up your important data to the cloud before initiating the update process.

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Anybody can update his iPhone by hissing without having to seek help from an Apple store. You just need to follow the instructions provided above and all should go well 

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