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How Do You Unlock an iPhone That Is Disabled And Says Connect To iTunes? 

Our phones are one of the most treasures every man and woman has. An iPhone, however, stands out amongst other phones as it’s uniquely designed with great features. As of the time of writing this article, no phone has outranked an iPhone.

What then happens when your iPhone gets locked and you can no longer access your images, videos, your favorite social media apps, etc. This article will examine the cause of an iPhone lock, and how do you unlock an iPhone that is disabled and says connect to iTunes?

What Causes An iPhone To Lock?

iPhones are precious gadgets and we mostly carry them everywhere we go. We often see iPhone users showing off their iPhone because they know their phone is of high standards. However, what can cause an iPhone to lock?

There are factors surrounding why an iPhone might lock, and they include:

  • 1. Forgetting Your Unique iPhone passcode

As silly as this might sound, some people often forget their iPhone passcode because of one reason or the other. We believe that the human brain has more storage capacity as compared to a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. What could make an individual forget his unique iPhone passcode?

 An individual might feel depressed over a particular issue and might forget everything on his head, including his iPhone passcode, or a situation where an iPhone user feels his password has been breached and he feels the need for a change.

We can link a perfect example of why someone might forget his password to Jacob, whose sister recently found out about his unique passcode. Jacob has a lot of confidential files on his iPhone device and he may decide to change his passcode to a random one. However, there are chances Jacob might not remember his newly formed passcode if he does not pen it down, as his brain might be wired to remember his former password.

What then happens after an iPhone user forgets his unique passcode? it will give the user 10 chances to input his passcode. They designed an iPhone to automatically lock itself as a safety measure when a user cannot pass his passcode security test. The iPhone device will lock after ten (10) failed attempts.

The best way to avoid the above is to always pen down your iPhone passcode after setting it to a new one. It’s recommended that you pen it down in your secret diary or somewhere extremely safe.

  • 2. Younger One’s Tamper With Your Phone 

An iPhone can get locked when a kid or a younger one tries forcing him or herself to unlock an iPhone user phone. Kids can be adorable, but they can also be a little of a menace with handling our precious gadgets.

The “little ones” can be sneaky and they can easily get hold of your phone while you are not looking and may or may not intentionally input a wrong passcode on your device. What then happens after your kids or someone input wrong passcodes on your iPhone device over 10 times? Your iPhone will automatically be disabled and will say “connect to iTunes”.

You can simply prevent the above by keeping your phones out of the reach of children to prevent them from locking your phone.

  • 3. A Friend Or Relative Tries Guessing Your iPhone passcode

There are situations where a friend or relative night see you inputting your iPhone passcode and they might be sure of what they had seen. But their intelligence might play a fast on them and they must forget some part of your unique passcode.

Your friend or relative who had caught you inputting your passcode might keep inputting your passcode while trying to guess the correct one, as they will be sure of what they had seen you input earlier

  • 4. Your phone might obey its command

The above does not mean someone has hacked your phone, as this can happen when you keep your phone in your pocket and your iPhone, which is sensitive to touch your pocket. You may accidentally input a wrong passcode on your phone, even without giving your phone the command to execute the action.

You simply prevent the above by constantly checking your phone while in your pocket to ensure your iPhone is not following your pocket command

How Do You Unlock An iPhone That is Disabled And Says Connect To iTunes? 

Before your iPhone locks itself permanently and displays the message “connect to iTunes”, it must have given you warnings before that. For example, they designed an iPhone to give you a few minutes to brainstorm about your password. Your iPhone locks permanently after you exceed the 10 number of times you can input a wrong passcode.

Some individuals are likely to frown at how iPhones only give users 10 attempts in trying to lock their iPhones. But what you need to know is that an iPhone is uniquely designed and can not be in any way compared to any android device. You should know that your iPhone does not count if you input the same password more than once.

For example, Edward forgets his passcode, and he is so sure of a particular passcode to unlock his phone. Let’s assume the passcode he remembers is ×××× and he inputs ××××× more than once. They designed an iPhone to only record one failed attempt.

This amazing feature gives the iPhone user an edge in trying to remember his passcode as it prevents him or her from guessing randomly and just focusing on remembering his passcode.

Unlocking an iPhone That Is Disabled

The following are ways in which you can use in unlocking a locked iPhone;

  • (a) By Performing A Factory Reset On Your iPhone

A factory reset is usually used to fix petty issues on a smartphone. Unlocking an iPhone with a factory reset tops the list as a factory reset will automatically erase all files on your device, making your phone feel brand new.

I do not recommend this method of unlocking an iPhone, as no one wants to lose their pictures, videos, documents stickers, etc.

  • (b) By Using Recovering Mode:

Another way in which you can use it to unlock your iPhone is by launching the recovery mode command on your iPhone device. I will explain the steps on how to unlock your smartphone below.

  • Step 1. Ensure you get an iPhone USB cable and any computer of your choice; it does not have to be a MacBook
  • Step 2. Ensure your iPhone is not plugged into your PC.
  • Step 3. You are going to locate the button on the left. Once you’ve found it; you’ll press and hold it down while also holding any of the volume buttons.
  • Step 4. Ensure your phone turns off completely, but do not let go of your hands on her side and the volume button.
  • Step 5 If you are using a MacBook to unlock your iPhone, ensure your MacBook is up to date so this process can work well
  • Step 6. On your MacBook, ensure you find your iPhone on the “finders” program. Once found, click to open your iPhone In the top left corner.
  • Step 7. Look out for the “Restore” option, click on it as soon as you find it and it will present you with the option to restore and update your iPhone device.

NB; The above process will launch the factory reset command on your iPhone but do not panic as they will back your files up on the cloud, hence you can download back your images, videos, documents, apps, and apps data, etc.

  • (c) Unlocking your iPhone with the cloud:

Another proven way of unlocking a locked iPhone is by first logging into your cloud. Once you’ve done that, look out for the “Find iPhone”. You will be presented with the option “All device” which will show all devices linked to your cloud. What you have to do is to select and click on your device.

Once you’ve clicked your device, click the icon by your left-hand side; there you will find the option to erase your iPhone. Your iPhone will factory reset the second you allow that command and your phone will be as brand as new.

Unlocking My iPhone Device Without Having To Perform A Factory Reset Option

All the above methods on how to unlock your iPhones include performing a factory reset command on your phone where you lose all videos, images, and other important files.

Many people may not be pleased with losing their app data

Can I unlock my phone without losing all files on my phone? 

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to ensure you back up your files to your cloud. If you eventually have to lose all files on your phone, you can simply restore them from Cloud.

The best way to prevent losing your data on your phone is by always writing your iPhone passcode and keeping your phone with you safe always.

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How do you unlock an iPhone that is disabled and says connect to iTunes? We assume that this post has helped you unlock your disabled iPhone. If you have questions or are confused, please use the comment box.

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