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How To Change TikTok Voice From Male To Female 

How to change TikTok voice from male to female? Over the years, TikTok has evolved to be one of the broadest platforms for visual content. It’s a streaming forum that allows users to produce and share videos with others. Out of many rudiments, TikTok allows its users to change the voices of their videotape by exercising multitudinous voice paraphernalia or voice refiners. 

As the kinds of content that are prominent on TikTok unfold, so does the technology inside the app that aids similar videos. TikTok’s text-to-speech attribute has hastily become one of the outlet’s most prominent instruments, and its advanced plenitude over the last era. 

Many users find it hard to alter the voice of their vids to fit their voices. This is because TikTok offers a user-generated voice several from the voice you use in your own life. To overcome this challenge, you can use speech recognition software to change the text to the speaking voice of your videotape. 

In the former versions, the voice was a man’s, but in May 2021, the platform switched to a woman’s voice. Now, users have several voice options to choose from. TikTok has introduced multiple text-to-speech voices. 

For the first time, TikTok has moved off from having one default voice and has rather introduced several voices that users can choose from. Each voice has its name, and they include Alex, Joey, Taylor, Eddie, and Chris. 

With the availability of the above voice features, it left some TikTok users to wonder how they can use the voice feature stated above.

How To Change TikTok Voice From Male To Female 

I am sure you must have seen in a friend’s or celebrity’s video where a female is talking like a male and vice versa.

This article will serve as an eye-opener on how to change TikTok’s voice from male to female in a video

Here is how to change the text-to-speech voice on TikTok from masculine to feminine.

  • Step 1:- Install TikTok: 

TikTok is a popular app and is used appreciatively all around the world, so the inventors always try to add new and more features. Initially, install the latest version, or if you formerly have TikTok installed, also check for updates from Play Store or AppStore.

However, if you notice your TikTok app is out of date, ensure you update it to enjoy new seamless features by TikTok. You can update your TikTok app from your Apple or Google Play store.

  • Step 2:- Record video:  

You shouldn’t be a novice on how to record a video on TikTok. But should in case you don’t know-how;

(a) You log in to your TikTok account and go to your home page

(b) Look below your screen and click on click on the icon underneath your dashboard.

(c) You can then record a video of your choice

  • Step 3:- Edit the text to speech option.  

 After you tapped on the checkmark in the former step, you will land on the editing screen. On the editing screen, you will be fit to edit the videotape by adding filters, sounds, text, etc. 

You will also be able to add a voice effect to change your voice. 

How to change my voice on TikTok?

You can easily locate the voice effect option when you try editing the video you pre-recorded on the TikTok app. Simply look to the right sidebar of your screen

NB; Do note that TikTok does not allow users to use the voice effects features for videos recorded outside TikTok. The” Voiceeffects” point will be hidden from the left sidebar if you are editing a videotape from your camera roll. 

TikTok can discover if they took your videotape outside of the app. However, you will not be fit to use the” Voice effects” feature to change your voice if the videotape that you took is from your camera roll. 

Unfortunately, if you want to use the feature, record the videotape on the app itself. Now, click on the” Voice effects” feature on the right sidebar of the editing screen. 

You will get to see varieties of voices to choose from once you click on “Voice effects.” You may then pick any voice effect of your choice and apply it to your pre-recorded TikTok video.

 Tap on ”Next” after you’ve chosen the voice effect. Also, choose”Text” at the bottom. On the screen, input the words that you want to be turned into speech. 

You may then use the text to speech feature on TikTok

You will see an icon that signifies a person with a microphone or speaking. It might be you also clicking the text for long so the text to speech option pop out. Either way, after you click the icon, you see voices. Which are like five with different names. Ladies are inclusTikto

Choose that for a lady and boom! You are done. You save your videotape and share if you wanna 

  • Step 4-: Add description or Hashtags  

Before posting or saving the videotape, TikTok will ask you to choose the options like Allow Comments, Allow Duet, and Allow Stitch. You can add friends through”@” and add Hashtags. You can also type a little description of your videotape before posting it. 

  • Step 5-: Post or save 

After adding descriptions or Hashtags, you’ll have to choose an option from drafts or Post. Tap on Drafts to save vids in drafts or Click on Post to post the videotape on TikTok. 

Although many fans were frenzied when they first saw the superfluous voices introduced on TikTok on August 10, some users who used to see them now say that they’ve vanished again. It’s unclear why the voices were introduced and have since faded, and TikTok has handed no sanctioned explanation. 

The preface of the voices may turn everlasting at some point, but TikTok rolled out the feature beforehand to see how users would reply. It’s also possible that the preface was some kind of glitch, although that possibility seems a little less likely. 


While we can not say for sure why the feature was introduced and also taken down, it’s clear that users were glad to see it when it first popped up, and are eager to have it back. 

Keep following this article as we will be the first to update you once the “text to speech” feature is available on TikTok again

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