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Unable To Save Contacts On iPhone After iOS Update: [quick fix]

Unable to save contacts on iPhone after iOS update? if yes, I am going to provide all the fixes to this problem. Apple has lately launched the latest iOS with lots of unusual features which include app library, widget Support, etc. But like the older version of iOS, the new iOS is also packed with many bugs. One such issue faced by iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 is that they are not able to save or edit a contact in their iPhone. This is super bothersome because saving a contact or editing it is a necessary and commonly used feature in any phone.

The issue is like while trying to save a number in contact iPhone allows to create/save/edit the contact but once you will swipe out of messages to save it returns the phone number. Or in some cases, it appears that the contacts are saved but when opened later is showing old data. Thing occurs while editing a contact on iPhone for example if you try to edit the address of contact and hits save and later it is discovered that the contact is not saved with the latest details.

Why You Are Unable To Save Or Edit Contact On Your iPhone

There some potential reasons you were not be able to save or edit contact on your iPhone:

  1. New iOS update or iOS downgrade – You may discover a bug on your iPhone after updating or downgrading your iOS software. That’s mostly because contacts are not synced back with iCloud or some issue happens during the cycle.
  2. iPhone Jailbreak – Jailbreak your iPhone is fun, however, you might be stuck on sorts of system issues when you jailbreaking your iPhone. That is can likewise be the reason behind why your iPhone can’t save contacts.
  3. iOS system issues or iTunes restore/sync problems – You may meet sorts of iPhone system issues or iTunes issues, which can likewise stop your iPhone from saving or editing contacts.

Unable To Save Contacts On iPhone After iOS Update

  • 1. Try multiple times

This workaround seems to be a pain. But it appears to be that if you try multiple times to edit or save the contact, it will work in the end. So if it’s urgent you should give numerous attempts until Apple comes up with a permanent fix.

  • 2. Save and restart the iPhone

Might want a workaround to save contacts in iPhone. You’re not able to save a contact on iPhone then you should first save the contact, then turn your phone off and back on, This ought to get the job done.

  • 3. Turn Off and Turn On iCloud Contacts

Re-sync your iPhone contacts with iCloud may fix this issue rapidly.

  • Open your iPhone Settings.
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Find Contacts.
    • Toggle it off if it is on, and afterward, switch it on once more; While if it is off, turn it on.
  • Then iCloud will ask you if replacing your iPhone contacts with iCloud content, select Delete from My iPhone. In this way, the issue will be solved.
  • 4. Report issue to Apple

iPhone not saving the contacts is a bug presented in the latest iOS. The lone party capable to fix this issue for all time is Apple. If you are facing this issue in your iPhone, at that point it is advised to report the issue to Apple support. Also, for a lasting fix. continue updating your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS.


Unable to save contacts on iPhone after iOS update: Hope the issue is fixed now? meanwhile, use the star button to rate this concise guide, also, use the comment box to drop your questions.

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