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How To Fix iPhone Making Clicking noise During Call

The basic function of every mobile phone ever made was to make calls, since that’s where the name of the device originated. You can imagine how infuriating it could be when your device fails at the same job that they created it to do.

If your iPhone makes a clicking noise whenever you’re making a phone call, you’re not alone; many iPhone users have reported this problem over the years. Thankfully, there’s a working solution to this problem, provided it’s not the result of a hardware failure specific to your device.

In this article, I’ll show you how to fix an iPhone making clicking noise during call. If the recommended fix doesn’t work for your device, you’ll also learn some alternative solutions that may work to solve the issue.

Why Is My iPhone Making Clicking Noise?

When Apple released the iPhone 8 series to the public, the early buyers noticed it shipped with an issue that makes the smartphone sound weird during a call. To be more specific, you’ll hear a distracting clicking noise during a phone call, impacting the overall quality of the call.

Sure enough, Apple quickly got wind of this problem and set out to fix it for users. Shortly after that, the smartphone manufacturer released an update that fixed the clicking noise issue, at least for most people. However, that appears not to be the only reason users could face that specific issue.

Even after the update, there were reports of the iPhone having the same clicking issue without a viable solution in sight. Some of the other causes of this problem include poor signal reception, hardware failures, and some other reasons that you shouldn’t care about.

What you should care about, however, is how to solve this problem if you’re facing it by any chance. It’s already clear that the primary focus of this article, and I’ll be diving into it in the following section.

How to Fix iPhone Making Clicking Noise During Call

If your iPhone clicks distractingly while you make a call, all you’ll be seeking solves the problem. While it helps to know the cause of the problem, knowing it alone won’t make much of a difference, since you’ll continue to experience the problem, regardless.

There are many reasons your iPhone might make a clicking sound during a phone call. Since the reasons are many, there are also several solutions that you could try. However, the frustrating part is that you may try all the recommendations in this article without finding a suitable solution.

It’s always worse never to try at all. Here are some of the best fixes to try when your iPhone won’t stop making a clicking noise during a phone call.

  • Update your iPhone

If you purchased an iPhone with this problem, the first fix to try is updating your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS available. If the device is specifically an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, updating it to the latest version of the operating system will almost certainly fix the problem.

As explained above, Apple is not a perfect company. Every once in a while, they push problematic updates to their products, which may cause issues like the clicking noise during calls. However, when they discover their mistakes, they quickly push out updates to fix the erring version of the OS.

If the problem is widespread caused by a faulty iOS update, updating your iPhone should work. You can check if there are any updates available for your iPhone by opening the Settings app and selecting General. Scroll down the page and select Software Update to see if there are any available updates for you.

  • Diagnose for a conflicting app

There have been cases where iPhone apps conflict with the calling functionality on the same smartphone. When people make calls, they’ll start hearing unexplained weird sounds, which results from the said app messaging with their devices.

The best way to check for an app conflict on your iPhone is by booting the device into safe mode. Booting into this mode and making a call will let you know if it’s the result of an erring app. Here are the steps required to boot into safe mode to check for an erring noise that causes your iPhone to click during calls.

• Press both the power and volume buttons on your iPhone until the screen goes black for a restart. When that happens, do not let go of the power button until the Apple logo appears. Then, release the button and quickly push the volume up button. 

Doing the above should start a safe copy of iOS on your device. However, the caveat is that you must have a jailbroken iPhone since the safe mode is a term the fandom coined to refer to the steps used to install a safe copy of iOS for diagnosis.

Try making a call in this mode to see if the problem persists, and if it does, restart your phone normally and start uninstalling your apps from the most recent to the least recent to see if any of them may have caused the problem.

  • Factory reset your iPhone

The final method to try when your iPhone won’t stop clicking and making weird noises during calls is restoring it to factory settings. You probably shouldn’t do this if it’s a widespread problem, since Apple will probably release an update to solve the issue.

However, if you believe that you inadvertently did something that impacted your iPhone’s performance, consider a factory reset. The option to erase all data and settings is part of the reset options in the General tab of your iPhone’s Settings app.

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IPhones rarely bring up weird problems during usage, so a clicking noise during phone calls is strange. However, you shouldn’t have to live with it, since there are tons of fixes that you could try to get your iPhone working as normal again.

This article walks through some of the best fixes to try if your iPhone is making weird noises during calls. If you don’t use a jail broken iPhone, simply skip the second method.

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