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Is It Safe to Give Out Your Cash App Tag?

When it comes to the apps you trust with your money, you can never be too careful. Cash App happens to be one of those apps, and if you’re someone like me, you’ll find it very difficult to trust it to keep your money safe, even if it has never been disappointed.

One of the primary reasons you may find it difficult to trust Cash App with your money is the abundance of scams on the platform. If you’ve noticed, Cash App will not take any responsibility if you lose your money to scammers. You’re 100% accountable for your money on Cash App.

That disclaimer is enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone who has a use for their money. Since you can’t hold Cash App to account for the money you lose out to scams, you may want to be extra careful about the information you let out on Cash App.

There’s a bunch of information that can be tied to your Cash App account, and it can be a real hassle figuring out which ones are safe or unsafe to give out. In this article, I’ll answer the question: “is it safe to give out your Cash App tag?” so you’ll know the possibilities when someone asks for the tag.

Is It Safe to Give Out Your Cash App Tag?

It’s generally safe to give out the Cash App tag associated with your Cash App account, and in most cases, it’s the best way to receive a Cash App payment. Instead of sending your phone number or email address, your Cash App tag is the best piece of information to send to a stranger to receive money on Cash App.

While there are potential risks to giving out your Cash App tag to whoever asks for it, the risks aren’t as pronounced as giving out your phone number or email address. So, in most cases, it’s usually okay to give out your Cash App tag to anyone trying to send you money.

One of the potential risks of giving out the tag is identity theft. Your Cash App account contains a fair deal of information about you, especially related to your finances. While it’s not as much as would give the average scammer the ability to hack into your bank apps, it puts you at risk of identity theft.

However, under no circumstances should you give someone your Cash App tag and your password. Cash App doesn’t ask for the recipient’s password from anyone sending money on the platform. If someone is asking you to send your Cash App tag as well as your password so they can send you money, they’re likely trying to scam you.

Can Someone Hack Your Account with Your Cash App Tag?

When you’re asking if it’s safe to give out your Cash App tag, the ultimate possibility you fear is someone getting access to your account illegitimately. It’s no news that the more you give out information about an account, the likelier it is to suffer a hack; but can someone hack your Cash App account using only your $Cashtag?

It’s very impractical to lose your account for giving out your Cash App tag alone. The only two things someone can do using the tag are sending money to your account and request money from you. Outside these two things, they’ll need more information from you to do anything more.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go around sending your Cash App tag to anyone who asks. This is especially true if you use your real picture and name on your Cash App account; as there are mobile payment scams based on identity theft.

For instance, sending your Cash App tag to a scammer will essentially give them access to your information, which may contain your name and picture. From there, they’ll plug your name directly into a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn to get even more information about you.

After getting a humongous deal of information about you, they can build a replica of your Cash App account to scam your friends. In most cases, they’ll send payment requests to your friends, asking them to help you with a tiny sum of money for an urgent reason.

Since the Cash App account looks a lot like it’s yours, they’ll likely not object before honoring the request. You don’t want your friends (and you) to have to go through something like that. The best way to prevent it, other than not putting out personal information on your public profiles, is only giving out your tag to people you trust.

How to Avoid Getting Hacked on Cash App

I don’t know a lot of things about you, but one thing I do know is that you’re asking this question because you don’t want to suffer a hack. Since it’s already clear that giving out your Cash App tag can’t get you hacked, what should you do to avoid getting hacked on Cash App?

For one, you should consider limiting the amount of information you put out there about yourself. Your Cash App tag is usually enough for anyone trying to send you a payment on Cash App. If someone starts to ask for your email, phone number, or even password, maybe it’s time to use the block button.

You should also ensure that you’ve set up two-factor authentication properly with Cash App. If someone calls from Cash App, claiming to be a customer service representative asking you for a code that was sent to your email address or phone number, you should never give it to them.


There are many things about your Cash App account that are unsafe to give out, but your Cash App tag is not one of them. In some cases, it might be necessary to give it out, since it’s the safest piece of information that other users can use to send you money.

However, when someone starts to ask for something more than your Cash App tag, you should be worried.

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