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Can I Load My Cash App Card at Dollar General?

They fundamentally linked the Cash App card with your Cash App account. All the funds in your Cash App can be accessed by your Cash App card, and if you ever need to spend more, the card will attempt to pull from your linked bank account.

Assuming you have enough cash, but not enough funds to cover a transaction you’re trying to make, what do you do in that scenario? There are a couple of possibilities when you find yourself in that circumstance, and one of those options is loading your Cash App card at supported stores.

If you have a Dollar General nearby, you may want to ask: can I load my Cash App card at Dollar General? In this article, you’ll learn if it’s possible to add funds to your Cash App at this store, how the entire process works, and some alternatives to Dollar General for this specific function.

Can I Load My Cash App Card at Dollar General?

It’s possible to add money to your Cash App card from a Dollar General store by walking to the service desk and requesting that the cashier help you add money to your account. The entire process is quick and convenient, and you’ll walk out with a higher Cash App balance than when you walked in.

However, you should note that the store charges a token for loading your Cash App card. While it’s not something so significant that you’ll have to worry about, it becomes hard to justify when you can simply load your Cash App card from your bank account at any fee. If you’re at a Dollar General store without enough funds in your bank account, however, this might just be the most cost-effective option.

How to Load a Cash App Card at Dollar General

To load your Cash App card, you only need to take it to the nearest Dollar General store, walk over to the cashier at the service desk, and ask to load your Cash App card. If that particular Dollar General branch offers the service, you should be able to walk out content with enough funds in your Cash App account.

However, it’s crucial to note that loading your Cash App card isn’t free. Stores charge different rates for the service, but you shouldn’t be paying over $4 to load your Cash App at a Dollar General store.

If you’re fine with that rate, here are the steps required to load a Cash App card at a Dollar General.

  1. Ensure you have a verified Cash App account and the Cash App card. You must have already activated your Cash Card account also for this to work.
  2. Walk to any Dollar General store and head over to the cash counter. There, you can ask the attendant to help you load your Cash App card.
  3. Provide every piece of information that they request to help them with the process of adding money to your account.

After the process is successful, you can check if the money has arrived by checking your Cash App account to see if there has been an increase in your balance. 

Does Dollar General Accept Cash App Card for Transactions?

After loading your Cash App card at Dollar General, you can use it to pay for anything you purchase at the store. At the time of writing this article, Dollar General still accepts the Visa card from Cash App as a payment method, as long as it contains enough funds to cover your purchases.

It’s equally essential to note that you can use the card for checking out at stores that aren’t Dollar General. This still holds even if you loaded the card at a different store from the one you’re using it at. The only exception to the rule is when you’re using it outside the United States, where it wouldn’t work of course.

How to Get Barcode to Load Money at Dollar General

When you ask to load money to your Cash App card at a store like Dollar General or Walgreens, you may be asked to provide a barcode that the cashier will scan to help load money onto your account. While they may help you find the barcode, it’s always cooler to find it yourself instead.

The code you need to load money at a store like Dollar General is technically a barcode. The code gives the cashier access to load your Cash App account when they scam it. Alternatively, you can give them your Cash App card to load money onto your account that way.

If you’ll prefer to go the code route, you can always find the code by signing into your Cash App account and heading to your Banking tab. You can get to your Banking tab by selecting the dollar icon from the bottom row of icons on the app’s homepage.

From the banking tab, scroll down until you see the “Paper Money” option, and select it if it’s available to you. When you select that option, the resulting page should include a Produce Barcode option, which you can tap to generate the barcode that the cashier needs to load your account. Any store can scan that QR code to get to your profile and load your account while you pay them using paper money.

However, it’s usually better to always provide your card to the attendant and ask them to load your Cash App account. That way, you don’t even need to have your phone present with you; you can easily fund your account and start paying for purchases effortlessly.

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When Cash App added the functionality to load paper to your Cash App account, Dollar General was one of the first stores to officially support it. Until the time of writing this article, you can still load your Cash App account by walking into a Dollar General Store and asking to fund your card.

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