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Cash App Card Not Activating? Here’s How to Fix It!

Have you ever tried to send money using Cash App, but the recipient doesn’t get their money? This can be incredibly frustrating and put you in a tight spot, especially if it happened right before rent or tuition is due! 

Not to worry! We will teach you how to fix this issue fast so that your hard-earned money gets to where it needs to go without delay. Here’s how to fix Cash App card not activating errors and get back on track. Read on!

Why Use a Cash App card?

The Cash App offers you a lot of useful features, but one of its greatest assets is an Apple or Android device. 

Being able to pay with your phone is incredibly convenient, and it’s also fast. The app processes payments instantly and then allows you access to your funds right away (which means no more waiting for debit card payments to process). 

You can buy and sell Bitcoin within seconds, send money directly from person-to-person, and use your Cash App balance as you would any other bank account. 

That convenience comes at a price, though: transactions aren’t free. 

To make sure you get all that convenience without spending too much in fees, follow these tips on how to use your Cash App card correctly.

Link Your Bank Account Before Using Your Card

This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will help you avoid potential issues later on down the line. If you skip ahead and swipe before linking your bank account, there’s a chance that even after linking your accounts later on, there will be some discrepancy between what shows up in the Cash App and what shows up in your online banking portal. So, if you don’t have time to link now, just wait until you do. 

Make Sure You’re Paying With Your Cash App Balance

When using your Cash App card for purchases, make sure that you’re paying with your Cash App balance instead of pulling out money from your linked bank account. 

Pulling money from your bank account incurs a fee of $0.25 per transaction, while paying with your Cash App balance won’t cost you anything extra. 

Set Up Auto Refill

Setting up auto refill is another great way to keep yourself from having to pay extra fees when using your card for purchases. By setting up auto refill, you can ensure that your Cash App balance never runs low.

Avoid Swiping Your Card For Purchases Over $10

While swiping your card for purchases under $10 doesn’t incur a fee, doing so for larger amounts does come with a charge of 3% plus $0.05 per transaction. 

Transfer Money Directly From Person-To-Person

One of the best ways to save money on your Cash App transactions is by transferring money directly from person-to-person. 

Instead of making purchases with your card, transfer those funds over to someone else who can pay you back directly.

 Use Your Phone Number As A Payment Method

Another quick tip for saving money on your Cash App transactions is to use your phone number as a payment method.

When you use your number, you can add a personal touch to each purchase by adding a message like Happy Birthday or Thank You. And, since text messages are free, there are no additional charges associated with sending them through Cash App. 

Why does my Cash App Card not activating?

A cash app is a payment system. 

If your card does not get activated and shows something wrong, then maybe you do not have access to the internet connection or your details are incorrect. In addition, it could also be a glitch on their part. If your card does not get activated within 24 hours of using the Cash App then you can contact them for support. 

You can reach out to them through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

You can even call the customer service number if you need any help with activating your card. 

How to Correctly Activate Your Cash App Card

In order to be sure that you can’t activate your Cash App card, you first need to make sure that you’re doing it correctly. If you’re not activating the card the right way, the activation will fail.

To activate your card, you need to check your name, $Cashtag, and other important details first.

When you know it’s your card, launch the Cash App on your phone and sign in to your account. Locate the Card icon at the bottom; the second icon from the left.

Since you just applied for a card, you will be able to activate your Cash Card. Select this option to continue.

After you find the ‘Scan QR Code’ option, you may have to enable Cash App to use your camera.

It is then that you should see a brochure on the Cash App card. In it, you will find an acknowledgement paper. 

The QR code with the activation link will be found on this page.

Turn your camera that was loaded earlier to this QR code, and the process should be instantaneous.

How to Solve the Unable To Activate Cash App Card Error

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If you are unable to activate your Cash App card with the QR code from the receipt, then another option is available.

It’s written on the scanner of the camera that pops up when you’re trying to activate your card- ‘MISSING QR CODE’ in all caps.

Enter the CVV, or a three-digit number found on the back of your Cash App card, on this phrase.

After you input your CVV number, you might have to input the card’s expiration date to activate your card.

When your Cash App card still won’t activate after this, then you need to contact Cash App customer service by calling the number on the Cash App card.

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What can I do about it if my cash app card isn’t activated yet?

If you see a Pending or Not Authorized status on your Cash app, there are a few things you can do to help move along with your activation. 

First, check that you have added your billing information correctly, including your last name and zip code. 

Next, make sure that any pre-authorizations are removed from your account; if they’re not removed within 24 hours of purchase, they could cause an issue with verification.

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