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Smart Lock Android Not Working – Quick Fix

This article will discuss Smart Lock Android Not Working and the steps to solving these problems. Smart lock on android is a feature that helps your phone to stay protected and secured from anyone intending to access your files and document.

Why Has My Smart Lock Stopped Working?

The smart lock may stop working on your android device because of troubleshooting or other problems. To quickly resolve the issue, head to Settings on your android device, go to security, then tap “Smart Lock.” Now go through the menu item and disable smart lock features. Ensure your Trusted Places is disabled, then head to settings > app and clear storage, restart your device, and the issue should be solved.

How Do You Enable Smart Unlock

Enabling the smart unlock is relatively easy on your android device. You can activate it through the android settings following these steps:

• Select the security and location option.

• Tap on smart lock.

• Insert your pin, pattern, or password.

• A screen with various smart lock options will appear, and you can set and enable it as you desire.

Does Smart Lock Work With Android?

Yes, smart lock works perfectly well on android devices. The smart lock allows you to use your device with no need for a password or security code.

Is Smart Lock Safe on Android?

Yes, the smart lock is safe for usage on your android device. The smart lock feature gives one the opportunity of keeping their android phone unlocked pre-approved, which is the safest in most circumstances. This feature is handy and helps maintain a solid balance between security and convenience on your android device.

Does Smart Lock Drain Battery?

Yes, your battery may drain quickly if connected to any Wi-Fi bridge. It’s because it must connect the smart lock to the Wi-Fi bridge. This connection between the Wi-Fi bridge and the smart lock will extensively affect your battery levels.

Where Do I Find Smart Lock on My Android

To find your smart lock and get it enabled on your android, follow these steps:

• Navigate to your android settings.

• Tap ” Security and Location,” then select “Smart Lock.”

• Enter your screen lock pin, pattern, or your password.

• Select either on-body detection or any Trusted Place of your choice.

• For ” On-body detection option: Go to the next screen and switch on the available option.

• For set up a Trusted Place: Allow your phone to use your current location or turn on ” High Accuracy” or “Battery Saving Location” mode.

What Does Google Smart Lock Do for Passwords?

Google smart lock can help synchronize your passwords across the devices available on your phone; provided the smart lock is on, you can easily access and sign in to your chrome browser or android device. On chrome and android devices, it always turned the option to save passwords on.

For those on chrome, you can maintain your password by going to your google account and then selecting “Security” followed by “Password Manager.” There you will see, change, and remove previously saved passwords to your google account. Those on Android devices can maintain their passwords by going to settings and clicking on ” Google” then Google account. Tap on security, and select saved passwords under the “Signing into Other Site” option. Then you can block a specific site from saving your login details. 

10 Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Smart Lock Android Not Working

Below are some of the troubleshooting steps to fix the smart lock on your android device.

  • Make Sure GPS is On

One step to correct the smart lock is to ensure it enabled your GPS. Your phone’s location needs to be accurate for Trusted Places to work effectively on your android device. You can allow the GPS by going to your phone settings and searching for your exact location. Once in the location menu, select the location method they choose high accuracy to ensure it enabled the GPS.

  • Make Sure Your Location is Updated

There’s a big chance that your phone has not been updated, including your location. In this scenario, it is possible for the smart lock not to function well on your device. You would need to update your location as Trusted Places would need this to unlock your phone. To do this, go to “Google Map” and tap the compass icon. Once the screen zooms into your present location, your phone would have been updated. 

  • Disable Other Devices Under Google Location

If you have or using over one Android device, there may be an interference with the Trusted Places. To fix this, go to Settings > Google, scroll down and select “Location.” Select ” Google Location History,” then ensure your current device is the only enabled device.

  • Detach Other Google Accounts on Your Device

Also, just like using multiple devices, Trusted Places does not work well if you have many connected Google accounts. The smart lock does not pick the account to use, so if you have multiple accounts signed in, it may get location data from the wrong account.

The only solution available here is to remove any additional Google account from your phone. Go to settings, and under accounts, select non-primary google account. Tap “Remove Account” and then confirm your choice. 

  • Make Sure Play Services Has Location Permission

A vital component for the effective function and performance of smart locks is the Google Play Store. The app needs to view your location so the Trusted Places can work. To check if play services can access your device settings, go to settings, click on the app, then click on All Apps. Scroll down and click on Google Play Store. Tap permission and enable the location option. 

  • Ensure Play Services Can Modify System Settings

The only way the play service can unlock your device when the smart lock is enabled is by using the “change System Settings.” Ensure play store services have permission by searching your settings app for the ” change System Settings” option and selecting the top result. Then select Google Play Services and enable it.

  • Ensure Play Services isn’t Battery Optimized

The following troubleshooting step applies to those who have used a mod to dial back play services battery drain. You need to check that the Google Play Services is not in doze mode. To prevent this, head to settings and search for “Battery Optimization,” and tap the result. The next thing is to search for Google Play Store on the menu; if available, you are good, but if not, go to “All Apps,” find Play Services and set it to ” Not Optimized.”

  • Delete Trusted Places and Add Back

Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Places, then tap the address you have issues with, edit the menu, tap on the trash icon and remove this address. Confirm your choice has been recognized. Once done, restart your phone. Go to your backup, get to the Trusted Places menu, tap “Home,” and then input your address. 

  • Disable Home Location and Add Nearby Address

Most times, Google determines our home and work addresses through Google Maps Location data. If your Trusted Places is labeled as ” Home ” or “Work,” it is derived from your address. To correct this, go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Places, then tap your default address and select “Turn off this Location,” and then tap “Add Trusted Places.” once the result of the location indicator is hovering around a close address to yours then you can mark there so Trusted Places can start working. Click on “Select this Location” and then select to make a Trusted place.

  • Clear Data on Google Play Store

The last step to solve the smart lock is to clear your data on Google Play Store. Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock, then go through the menu and disable all smart lock features. Ensure your Trusted Places are disabled. Go back to Settings > App, Select “All Apps,” then find Google Play Services. Click on it and select “Storage.” On the next screen, select ” Clear Storage,” then confirm. When you get your backup, enable your smart lock features, and then it should be working.

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This article has shown you the 10 ways to fix Smart Lock Android Not Working. Tell us the one that worked for you in the comment section.

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