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How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped By The Police

Previously, we have written many articles concerning cell phone tapping. Furthermore, we are going to reveal how to tell if your phone is tapped by the police.

There are numerous purposes why policemen are striving to tap your cell phone. It could probably be that they need some vital data that they may need in an open-ended investigation.

As soon as you discover your phone is on tap, then you head back to our previous article that shows you how to stop your cell phone from being tracked by the police.

It is essential always to check if your phone is tapped by the police, parents, or friends. It will help you comprehend if you are sharing your cell phone privacy with someone else unknowingly. Though, they must be some reasons that have kept you wondering if your cell phone is being tapped or tracked by the police. This article will show you how to find out if your phone is tapped or not and what to do.

Fortunately, it’s now easier, unlike before, to check if the police are tapping your phone. However, it is somewhat difficult to identify wiretapping over landlines. But, they are several third-party apps and software that allow everyone to check if their phone is tapped or not.

Furthermore, much third-party software can investigate and tell you that the police are attempting to hack your cell phone to get inside your secret discussions and information.

How to tell if your phone is tapped by the police

They are numerous methods to check if your phone is being tapped. We are going to reveal all of them in this article. However, make sure you read carefully to avoid skipping any vital information.

Security companies tap phones of those who are involved in unlawful activities or part of a syndicate. If you are one of them, you should be frightened. If not, rest in peace.

Background Noise

Did you notice any unfamiliar background noise on your cell phone, especially while making calls? If yes, probably your mobile phone is tapped. In some cases, you will start getting suspicious SMS with mysterious characters, unfamiliar pop-up advertisements from malware or spyware apps that you didn’t install.

High phone charge

Immediately, the police or security agency tapes your cell phone. You will notice increased data or SMS usage. They are spy software installed on your phone without your consent, that’s liable for it.

Reduced phone battery life

Does your battery drain fast, unlike before? If yes, it’s because they are unofficial background software installed on your phone responsible for it.

Unusual activities

They are some unusual activities on your phone that prove that it is a bug. However, some unexplainable actions could mean that your phone is tapped. For example, your phone restarts often, your phone hangs, and much more.

Now you have seen the many methods of telling if the police tap your phone. Are you facing any of them on your phone?

Code To Check If The Phone Is Tapped

Apart from all the methods explained above, you can also use a code to check if your phone is tapped. Kindly follow the instructions below.

  • Dial *#21# to check if your calls and messages are being diverted.
  • Dial *#62# to provide information on where the calls and messages are being redirected to.
  • Dial ##002# to deactivates all diverts.

What To Do If Your Phone Is Tapped

After implementing the methods above, it will help you understand if your cell phone is tapped or not. However, if your phone is tapped, kindly read and adhere to all the instructions below.

  • Check your phone apps, uninstall, and delete any app you did not install by yourself. It could be a dangerous app.
  • Get your phone services provider to help.
  • Browse on the incognito tab or use a VPN to change your IP and location.
  • Be very careful of the website you open and the apps you download.
  • Dial ##002# to deactivate all diverts.

If the problem persists, you can factory reset your phone, and the police and security agency will lose signal.


Now you have seen how to tell if your phone is tapped by the police. I believe it worked for you. However, use the comment box if you have any other questions.

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