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What To Do If Your Phone Is Tapped Or Being Monitored?

In our previous article, I revealed the code to check if your phone is tapped. In today’s concise guide, I will show you what to do if your phone is tapped or being monitored. Ensure you read carefully to avoid skipping any vital information.

There are many hackers and invaders out there who are eager for the data you have on your device. So, you should be certain your security is ensured, and you’re not being tapped.

There are various methods to check if your cell phone is tapped. It would help you stay secure from hackers and invaders.

In this article, I will show you the number to dial to check if a phone is tapped, and other necessary things to do on your device settings.

What To Do If Your Phone Is Tapped Or Being Monitored?

Do you use an Android device? if yes, there are explicit things to pay special mind to if your phone is tapped or being tapped.

Probably, spyware was installed on your phone without your knowledge. Here is what to do:

To check for Spyware;

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Advanced Settings.
  • Tap on Application Management.

In the folder for “Application Management,” go through the apps for anything suspicious. 

Look out for words like Spy, malware, monitor, stealth, or generally anything weird.  In most cases, monitoring apps have less suspicious names. 

However, If you are sure that your phone is tapped but you can’t locate any suspicious app on the device, then I recommend you to visit an electronics store.

Also, ensure that “Unknown Sources” isn’t enabled in your phone settings.

If this setting is turned on, it will allow the installation of safe and unsafe apps on your phone.

If “Unknown Sources” is enabled without your knowledge, follow the steps below to disable it immediately.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Additional Settings.
  • Navigate to Security and Privacy.
  • Uncheck the “Unknown Sources” option

In this way, apps that aren’t verified by Google Play Store will not be installed on your phone.

What to do if your iPhone is tapped or being monitored

There’s just a single method to have your iOS device tapped.

If a hacker or invader is attempting to monitor your phone, the person will Jailbreak the phone first. If your iOS device is jailbroken, A new App store(Cydia) will be installed, and it will sidestep Apple’s setup security.

If you see a new app store name Cydia or come across unfamiliar apps on your device, your phone is jailbroken. Although there’s another method to install Spyware without Jailbreaking the device.

Despite the fact that made for the sole reason for parental control, individuals use the mSpy application for evil purposes.

On a non jailbroken phone and the Appstore will the legitimate be found. If you didn’t install this app, it’s a warning.

Probably, an invader or your spouse has installed the app on your device to monitor your activities.

The only thing needed is your iCloud username and password and they will start monitoring your device.

Changing your password is a great move as it ceases your privacy back from snoops and stops all of the app’s monitoring activities.

A less likely possibility could arise from vulnerabilities in iOS security. Apple has fixed vulnerabilities now, despite the fact that they were regular before.

Invaders could access your device by connecting to the same network as you using spy software. Because of constantly arising vulnerabilities in security, one actually should be cautious.

Looking into your iOS security settings isn’t simple as it is on an android, however, there’s a straightforward way. All you have to do is to update to the latest OS version via iTunes, which will eliminate the jailbreak and take out unverified apps.

But before you run any update, ensure you back up your data first.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Tapped

Now you have seen what to do if your phone is tapped or being monitored. You most likely currently have valid justifications to feel that somebody is monitoring your cell phone.

All the signs call attention to that Spyware is inhabiting your phone.

Here are the number to dial to check if your phone is tapped, also, these codes also put an end to any redirection set up on your device.

1. Check Your IMEI Number with *#06#

It is good to check your device IMEI number to examine a possible danger and dubious activity.

Your IMEI is unique to your phone and is the best bet at tracking your device, but if someone knows this number, they could use it against you.

2. Check Diversions with *#21#

This shortcode will help you reveal if your calls, texts, data, etc are diverted to another number.

Therefore, redirections happen even before the calls or messages deliver.

When you dial this code, it will show the status of every redirection close by the numbers.

3. Check Redirections with *#62#

Redirections are different and significantly easier than diversions.

Redirections are a ton complex since they occur before the call or text sends.

Dialing this code will show you if your phone is tapped and a spy app is blocking your calls.

Whenever diverted calls, writings, and information appear on the rundown on the screen, dial ##002#. It’ll eliminate all redirections naturally.

4. The Utility Netmonitor Code

This code proves to be useful when you need to discover the current location of the person tapping your phone.

If the spies use cell towers and base stations, then it is particularly helpful.

For iPhone, the code is 3001#12345#

For android, dial ##4636## or ##197328640##

Once you dial this code, follow these steps;

  • Select UMTS Cell Environment
  • Click on UMTS RR Information
  • Copy the number you see

Go back to the main menu and;

  • Select MM InformationClick on Serving PLMN
  • Jot down the Local Area Code (LAC) that it displays

The exact location of your phone’s connection will show if you visit a net monitor website and input these two numbers.

Factory Reset

At the most critical moment, factory reset is the final option, it will help clean your phone from malware and delete all the malicious apps.

To reset on android, follow these steps;

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on Backup and Reset.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.
  • Select Erase All Apps.

Factory reset on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Go to General.
  • Select Reset.
  • Click on the Reset All Settings Option.


Have you ever thought of what to do if your phone is tapped or being monitored? If yes, adhere to all the listed instructions in this article. Mobile phone tapping is real. Take your privacy back for yourself.

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