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Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Hackers and some online companies are tapping individuals’ cell phones each day without their knowledge. Therefore, I will show you the number to dial to see if your phone is tapped.

Have you ever marveled over whether your cell phone has been tapped? Most likely, there have been cases when you suspected as much. In this way, even as the quick spread of mobile communication has facilitated individuals’ lives from multiple points of view, going with the ascent of Cybercrimes has gotten one of the greatest present-day concerns. These days, hackers can inject a few malicious codes on your cell phone, without your knowledge to take individual information, which may include your social media password or bank credentials.

Thus, our cell phone security should regularly be our most elevated priority. With the assistance of only a couple of shortcodes, you can discover more about the settings of your cell phone and discover whether your messages and data are secured and whether you’re being tapped.

Techrul has compiled the absolute generally helpful and significant codes for cell phones across the board article, along with certain directions for those who’re stressed over being tapped or tracked.

Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

These codes have a built-in feature that allows you to get the data, frequently identified with the security of your cell phone. Using these cell phone code couldn’t be simpler: basically, go to the call dialer app and dial the cell phone code precisely as it’s posted in this article.

1. *#21#

A call diversion is more diligently to detect. Nonetheless, this basic code allows you to see if your calls, messages, and other information are being diverted.

The status of the various sorts of redirections that are occurring alongside the number the data is being moved to will be shown on your cell phone’s screen.

  • Open the Call Dialer App.
  • Dial *#21#.
  • In this way, all the redirections that are occurring alongside the number the data is being moved to will be shown on your cell phone’s screen.

2. *#62#

Dial this code if your cell phone is tapped and a spy app is hindering your calls if it seems that no one can get through to you.

The odds are for this situation that your voice calls are being diverted to one of your wireless operator’s numbers.

3. Special Code

Special codes allow you to track your device’s GPS location and furthermore to decide if somebody is tapping your phone. For this, you need the utility net monitor. Open your call dialler and type in code below:

  • Android users should dial *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*.
  • iPhone users should dial *3001#12345#*.
  • Go to the segment called UMTS Cell Environment, at that point UMTS RR data, and record all the numbers under Cell ID. These numbers are the essential stations found close by. Your cell phone will connect by default to the one that emanates the most trustworthy signal.
  • Return to the primary menu, and tap on the MM information tab, at that point on Serving PLMN. Record the numbers under the (LAC).
  • With the assistance of these two numbers and a standard site, you can find out the location on the map of the fundamental station that your cell phone is connected to.

What To Do If Your Phone Is Tapped

If you are certain your conversations are being tapped, it would be ideal if you consider this is a criminal offense and you should report it to your nearby police. Along these lines, there are explicit things to pay special mind to if your cell phone is tapped.

If you notice any malicious activities on your phone, here what to do:

  • Turn on your phone and open the Settings.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings.
  • Then tap on the Application Management tab.
  • Lastly, go through the folder for anything suspicious.
    • TIPS: Search for any of these words, spy, malware, monitor, stealth, or anything weird


In this article, you have seen the number to dial to see if your phone is tapped and what you should do if your phone is tapped. Use the comment box to drop your questions.

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