How to Stop Flash Messages in iPhone

There are many levels of annoyance. However, it appears that messages that appear suddenly on your screen without any notifications or warnings represent the highest level.

If you’ve ever experienced a situation where a message suddenly creates an overlay on your phone, interrupting whatever you were doing, you just saw a flash message. Those messages are also referred to as class 0 messages; and while important, they can also be annoying.

In this article, we’ll look at the steps required to stop flash messages on an iPhone. Firstly, you’ll learn why you do get these types of messages, and then you’ll learn how to stop the unnecessary ones.

What are Flash Messages in iPhone?

A flash SMS refers to that obtrusive message that appears on your screen, interrupting any activity you might be doing in the background. Most times, the message will have a button that lets you dismiss the message, while others give you the option to save it.

Flash messages can also be referred to as class 0 messages. They are messages that should only be used in the case of an emergency to notify you of something that you mustn’t miss.

Due to lax regulations, network providers are increasingly misusing class 0 messages to push offers and nonessential adverts to subscribers. While that is already annoying, the fact that you can’t do anything about it is quite maddening.

Fortunately, you can do something. While you can’t stop your network provider from sending their unsolicited flash messages, you can always stop your iPhone from delivering the message.

How to Stop Flash Messages in iPhone

Before continuing with the steps below, it’s important to note that you can only stop flash SMSs if the sender allows you to do so. The only known way to do it right now is to ask the sender to stop sending you the messages, and it’s up to them to honor your request.

If all of your flash messages are from your network provider, you lucked out. All network providers that send flash messages also offer a way to disable them if you’re no longer interested.

Below, we’ll look at how you can disable flash messages from your network provider on an iPhone. If the messages aren’t from your network provider, you’ll also get some information on how to stop receiving them.

Here are the steps you must follow to stop receiving flash messages on your iPhone if they’re all from your ISP.

  • Launch your Settings app and navigate to SIM Applications.

First things first; before continuing with any steps, it’s important to confirm that you have your SIM inside your phone. Class 0 messages are sent to your SIM and not to your phone, and you need to have the erring SIM in the phone to disable them.

Once you have the SIM on the phone, you can launch the Settings app on your iPhone. From the options that come up, select Mobile Data and you’ll see an option for “SIM Applications.”

Tap on the SIM Applications option to reveal some menus that are typically from your network provider. If you have an Android background, this menu is akin to the SIM toolkit app on your Android phone, just a bit more hidden.

  • Deactivate the Flash SMS Service

If you have a single SIM on your device, this step should be pretty straightforward. Otherwise, you’ll have to determine which SIM receives the flash SMSs frequently to disable it.

Since a Class 0 SMS neither carries the sender’s name, nor the name of the expected recipient, this step can be quite a hassle. If you have two SIMs from different network providers, you shouldn’t have any problems telling which one is problematic.

If both of your SIMs are from the same network provider, you can disable the flash notifications service on both of them to be sure.

Assuming you’ve determined the erring SIM, you can select it to continue with the process. From this procedure, the steps will differ based on your network provider.

Regardless of what network provider you’re using, try to find the option that lets you manage flash SMSs from the network provider. You can keep selecting each option if you can’t decide on which one to choose.

When you see an option to start, stop, activate, or deactivate a service, it’s most probably what you’re looking for. Navigate until you can either stop or deactivate the flash SMS service, and that should be all.

How to Stop Flash Messages from Unknown Senders

All that has been said until this moment is under the assumption that the flash SMSs are all from your network provider. However, since the API for sending flash messages to iPhones is openly available, there’s a high chance that the messages are not from your network provider.

If you’re receiving flash messages from an unknown sender, there is no definitive way to stop it. The best you can do is to try contacting the sender and asking them to remove you from their recipients’ list.

That may sound like a lot of work, but it’s very simple. Most unwanted class 0 messages are usually from marketers who want you to get back to them. In most cases, the message will contain a phone number or email address to follow up on the offer.

Instead of following up, you can craft a very clear email telling them to cease and desist from sending you the annoying messages. If they’re unwilling to do so after multiple warnings, you may want to turn to a formal lawsuit, depending on how annoying the messages are.

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Flash messages are very useful: they can be used to warn people of emergencies and nearby dangers. However, it also has a loophole that makes it possible for a marketer to take advantage of it, and that makes it very flawed.

If you’re receiving multiple obtrusive flash messages every day, this article will help you out. It doesn’t matter if the sender is your network provider or some random telemarketer; you can get both of them to desist.

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