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Someone Sent Me Money on Cash App How Do I Get It?

If you’re new to Cash App, you’ll notice that there are a fair number of differences between the app and your regular banking app. One of the most notable differences that most people notice almost instantly is that you don’t receive money as soon as someone sends it to you.

While it sounds somewhat strange, it’s for your protection as a recipient, since there are so many Cash App scams out there. However, if you’re sure the transaction wasn’t a scam, you’ll still need to accept transactions to get the money that someone sends you.

In this article, I’ll show you how to get the money that someone sends you on Cash App. The process is simple: you only need to accept the transfer and the money will instantly show up in your balance. If you’re unsure about how to do that, just keep reading this article.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Money on Cash App?

Cash App transactions are processed instantaneously, but depending on how you define “receiving money,” you may have to wait a while to receive your money.

If receiving money in your opinion simply means receiving the money to your Cash App balance from another Cash App user, then it doesn’t take any time to receive money on Cash App. If another user tries to send you some money, it will be processed right away, as long as the app’s servers aren’t down.

However, if you’re talking about receiving the money in your bank account, you may have to wait a while. Unless you’re willing to pay the charges associated with an instant deposit, receiving the money to your bank account from Cash App will take about two to three days, while costing you a bit.

Why Can’t I Receive Money on Cash App?

If you’re unable to receive money sent to you on Cash App, there’s usually a problem preventing you from doing so. The problem might be that you have an unverified account or Cash App servers are temporarily offline.

If you have an unverified Cash App account, you have a sending and receiving limit of $250 and $1,000 respectively. Once you hit these limits, it becomes impossible to receive any more money, which can explain why you’re unable to receive money using Cash App.

Also, maybe you’re receiving the money, just that you didn’t take the time to go accept them from the Activity tab. The payments are still marked as pending until you accept them. You can head over to the following section to learn how to accept pending payments on Cash App.

Lastly, you can’t receive money on Cash App if Cash App servers are temporarily offline. You can access the status page to confirm if the servers associated with sending and receiving money are online, and if they aren’t, all you need to receive money is to wait.

Someone Sent Me Money on Cash App How Do I Get It?

If someone is sending you money on Cash App for the first time, it won’t be available to you instantly. You’ll have to accept the payment request for it to reflect on your balance, which isn’t a very complicated process.

The reason why you have to accept a transaction for it to reflect on your balance is to avoid the many Cash App frauds that could stem from a stranger sending you money. Before explaining the different types of scams that may result from you receiving money from a stranger, it’s crucial to learn how to receive money on Cash App first.

When someone sends you money on Cash App, you can follow the steps below to claim the money.

  • Open the Cash App on your smartphone. From the homepage of the app, you should see a clock-shaped icon from the bottom row of icons. Tap on it to navigate to the Activity tab.
  • When you get to the Activity tab, you’ll notice that it has two primary sections: the pending section and the completed section. The pending section is the part that contains transactions that are yet to be completed for one reason or another.

One of the reasons why a transaction could be pending is if the recipient hasn’t accepted the transaction. If the sender has indeed sent the money, you should see it in this section. Tap on the green “Accept” button on the transaction to acknowledge receipt and approve the transaction.

If you can’t find the transaction on the pending section of your Cash App account, the sender has probably not sent it yet. In that case, you may want to send a payment request to ask them to send you the money with one tap.

You can send a payment request from the homepage by entering how much you intend to request using the keypad on the opening page of the app. Instead of selecting “Pay,” tap on “Request” on the left to load up the page where you can select the recipient for the transaction.

When you select a recipient and confirm the payment request, Cash App automatically notifies the user on the other end about your request at no cost to you or them. If they intend to pay you via the request, they can simply accept it and verify the transaction by entering their PIN or using their biometrics. 

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If someone sent you money on Cash App, you can always claim your money by accepting the transfer request from the Pending section of the Activity tab on the app. However, that step only happens once for each sender; once you accept the transaction for them, subsequent transfers will go through without any hitches.

If you’re unsure how to accept a transaction, this article is here to help. When you read this thoroughly, you won’t have any reason to ask how you can get the money that someone sent you on Cash App again.

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