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How To Know If Someone Deleted You On Snapchat

Snapchat is not like other social media apps in that you can easily know if someone has blocked or unfriended you. For instance, on Facebook once you don’t see someone post in your timeline, you can easily view their profile to see if they have unfriended or blocked your account, and also on Twitter once you get blocked you can’t follow the account and see their Twitter activity. If you check the account profile, you will be told directly that you are blocked from following the account. 

But when it comes to Snapchat, you will have to try out any of the five things we talk about in this article before you can know that someone unfriends you. Before we move to that, let’s explain what friends, subscription, blocking, and unadd/removed mean on Snapchat. 

On Snapchat, your friends are those you added and they accept the request. You can send messages or snaps and you will both see each other’s stories.

When there is a subscription button on someone’s profile, it means the account is set as public. You can view their stories without being friends but you can’t message or send them snaps.

What happens when someone blocks you on Snapchat?

You won’t be able to see their stories and their username won’t show up when you search for them. You are impeded from seeing any of their activity on Snapchat.

If you’re unadded/removed. This means they have removed you from their friend list. You can still send messages, only that they won’t see them and you can also view their stories if it is set for everyone to see.

One thing about Snapchat is that you will be sent notifications on anything regarding being added as a friend or when your friend request is accepted. But when it comes to being blocked or removed, you will have to find out for yourself.

How To Know If Someone Deleted You On Snapchat

If you are curious to know if someone has removed you from their friend list, these are six ways to know.

  • Check Your Friend List

Checking your friend list is one the fastest way to know if someone has deleted you from Snapchat. These are two ways to see your friend list on Snapchat.

1. Open your Snapchat app, on the camera page, click on the chat icon with a blue dot at the top. It will show you the chat page. There, you will see the lists of your accepted friends, at the second section is people you are yet to accept their friend requests. And at the third section are your contact list to add. 

Now, to know if any of your friends have unadded you. All you have to do is to click the search icon.WhatsApp Image 2022 12 02 at 5.34.04 PM

Then type the username of the friends you’re suspecting to have removed you. When you type their username to search bad and it doesn’t show up, that means you’ve been added. Also, if someone has unfriended you,  their name may be in the ‘quick add’ section.

2. Another way to check your friend’s list is by clicking on your profile.

WhatsApp Image 2022 12 02 at 5.34.04 PM 1

Once you click the profile icon, you will be taken to a page where you can create your avatar, and add stories and friends. Under the add friends option, select my friends. Then, it will bring out every one of your Snapchat friends in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see if the friends you’re suspecting to have removed you are on the list. If your friends’ list is long, you can use the search bar to find your friends. If their name didn’t show up, they would have removed you.

  • Pending Snap Status

The second way to check if your friend has deleted you on Snapchat requires you to send them a snap or message and see if it will be received. This is how to do it:

  1. Send a message or snap
  2. Once it is sent, you will see a red arrow saying delivered
  3. Refresh the chat page
  4. Check If the arrows turn to gray 
  5.  And if it says the message is pending

This means the friend has removed you. Before you conclude, wait till the next day to see if it is still pending.

  • Check Their Snap Score

Snap score is determined by the number of snaps sent or received, stories you post, and many other factors only known to Snapchat. How to know if someone has removed you on Snapchat is by viewing their page and seeing if their snap score is showing. If you can’t see their snap score, it means you have been unfriended. Note: You shouldn’t conclude that you have been removed because you can’t see their snap score, it may be due to changes in settings. Until you send them a message and it says pending, this is the surety that they have deleted you on Snapchat.

  • Check Stories 

Another easiest way to know someone has removed you is when you no longer see the friends’ stories. To confirm this, search for their profile to see if you are a subscriber. If you are, it means they have unfriended you but due to their stories as public, you can still view them. Hence, their snap stories will be showing under subscriptions and not the friends’ section anymore. Also, when a friend that regularly views your stories is not anymore. This is a hint that they have unfriended you. 

What To Do If Someone Unfriends You On Snapchat

Snapchat is meant to be fun and free of hassle. So if someone unfriends you, it is a sign that they don’t want to see your messages and stories anymore. If it is someone you know, call or chat with them to know why they removed you. Who knows? It might be done by mistake.

All in all, when someone removed or blocked you on Snapchat. Do not involve in anything that can get your account banned.


Will someone come to know if I remove them from my friends’ list on Snapchat?

They will find out when their messages keep saying pending and when they no longer see your snap stories

Does Snapchat notify you when someone unfriends you?

No, you will have to find out yourself through any of the methods we discussed above.

Can you be unfriended and still send Snapchat texts?

You can still send messages. Only that, it won’t be received. You can also re-add the person. 

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