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How to Get Someone to Accept Your Friend Request on Facebook

You’ve been looking at a Facebook profile and you sent a friend request for quite a while. However, your friend request never receives a reply.

Nobody likes being snubbed, especially when it’s on Facebook. Since Facebook friendship is a false measure of influence, it’s hard to give it up when someone refuses to accept your friend request. In this article, I’ll help you out. I’ll show you how to always get someone to accept your friend request on Facebook without coming across as a creep.

Before that, however, we’ll look at some of the reasons why people may be ignoring or declining your friend request.

Why People Are Not Accepting Your Friend Request

If you’re sending too many friend requests that don’t receive a reply, you’re doing something wrong.

People aren’t as stingy with Facebook friends as they are with Instagram or Twitter followership. Making friends on Facebook shouldn’t be a big deal.

Here are some reasons people don’t accept your friend requests on Facebook.

  • You’re sending friend requests to strangers

A friend request on Facebook should be sent to friends you know personally. You shouldn’t be sending a friend request to someone you’ve never met or don’t have any affiliation with.

It’s fine to send a friend request to someone who is in the same profession as you. You can also send a friend request to a distant relative you’ve never met.

However, you shouldn’t be sending a friend request to someone that you barely know. Also, you should avoid accepting friend requests from people you don’t know.

  • They’ve not seen the request

While you may think someone is intentionally ignoring your Facebook friend request, they possibly haven’t seen it.

If someone is relatively popular on Facebook, they may receive tens or hundreds of friend requests per day, and they’ll only be willing to accept the friend requests from people they know.

Imagine searching for the people you know from a list of 1,000 random people, and you’ll understand why your friend request hasn’t received a reply in weeks.

How to Get Someone to Accept Your Friend Request on Facebook

Knowing why people are rejecting your friend request is one thing and knowing how to get someone to accept your friend request is another thing entirely.

In this section, I will show you some of the ways to get someone to accept your friend request on Facebook.

  • Send them a friendly message

As I established earlier, most people reject Facebook friend requests simply because they don’t know the sender.

If you are sending a Facebook friend request to someone that might not know you, it helps to send a separate message to remind them of the relationship you share.

If you can recall your primary school classmates without a photo album, you’re special—not everyone is like you.

Sending a message to explain why you’re sending the friend request doesn’t guarantee an acceptance. Most people don’t even read messages from people who aren’t their friends on Facebook.

If sending a message doesn’t seem to work, you can try the other tips below.

  • Send friend requests only to people you know

Facebook is not the best platform to connect with your favorite celebrities. Instagram lets you follow celebs without creating personal friendships. You’ll always be ignored if you keep sending a Facebook friend request to someone like Drake if you can even send it in the first place.

Instead of sending friend requests to people you barely know, try finding your friends and family to connect with on Facebook.

If you want to build Facebook connections with relatively popular people, try following their pages instead. Most celebrities have Facebook pages, but Facebook is more fun when you connect with friends and family instead.

  • Disguise your account

First off, you should note that we don’t encourage you to follow the steps below. Depending on where you live, it might be illegal, and you don’t want to get yourself into trouble because of a Facebook friendship.

With that being said, you can disguise your account like that of someone that the person in question knows personally to let them accept your friend request.

If you’re willing to go this extra (and potentially illegal) mile to get someone to accept your friend request, here are the steps to follow.

  • Create a new Facebook account and name it after someone that the target knows personally. You can use the corresponding picture as your profile picture to make it look more trustworthy.
  • Add a couple of the target’s friends to build a healthy mutual friendship. Most people look at the number of mutual friends before accepting a friend request.
  • Send a friend request to the person in question, and your chances of getting the friend request approved will shoot through the roof.

Again, the following steps are only for your information and we don’t take any responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Depending on your jurisdiction, they may be punishable offenses.

  • Edit Your Profile

You don’t have to be related to someone to be their friend on Facebook. People become friends with others in their profession, and you may even find clients for your trade on Facebook.

All you need to always get a positive response to your friend requests is an outstanding Facebook profile. With a professionally designed profile with professional posts to match, you’ll be receiving more friend requests than you’ll be sending.


If people always seem to ignore your friend requests on Facebook, it’s mostly your fault. No one wants to be friends with someone they’ve never met or don’t have any relations with.

To get people to accept your friend requests on Facebook, you must give them reasons to do so. There are many ways to do this; either by proving that you’re related to the person in question or by modifying your profile to look useful to them.

If you can do any of these two, the only people who will ignore your friend requests are those who already left Facebook.

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