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How To Add WhatsApp To Share Menu On iPhone

You’ve seen a pretty funny meme on Pinterest, and you’d love to share it with one of your contacts via WhatsApp. Everything seems to be working out pretty well until you discover the absence of WhatsApp on the sharing menu.

This isn’t something anyone should live with. Virtually everyone uses WhatsApp these days. It wouldn’t be fair if you can share something through iMessage or even Apple Mail, but not WhatsApp.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this. In this article, you’ll learn how to add WhatsApp to share menu on iPhone.

Why Is WhatsApp Unavailable On My Share Menu?

The Share Sheet, as Apple calls it has been available on iOS for quite a while. If you’re using an iPhone, the Share Sheet pops up with a plethora of sharing options.

While WhatsApp normally appears in the sharing options, it could be unavailable for some reasons. When WhatsApp disappears from the Share Sheet on an iPhone, it is usually because you’ve not added it in the first place.

You can easily add WhatsApp to your Share Sheet. Until you do so, WhatsApp sits quietly somewhere in your iPhone, keeping your contacts away from the joy of what you could have shared with them.

How To Add WhatsApp To Share Menu On iPhone?

If you have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone, you can add the option to share to WhatsApp wherever the iOS share sheet pops up.

If you’re using an iPad, you might be unable to add WhatsApp to this menu as WhatsApp doesn’t support iPads. 

Likewise, you cannot find a version of the popular instant messaging app for the iPod touch. Your best and the only bet is the iPhone. It’s either iPhone or nothing when it comes to using WhatsApp in the Apple world.

If you have an iPhone and you want to add WhatsApp to the share menu on your device, here are the steps required to complete this feat.

  • Install WhatsApp

You’ll need to install WhatsApp to have the option to add it to your Share Sheet. WhatsApp is free for iPhones but unavailable on the iPad and the iPod touch.

You can get WhatsApp on the App Store, which is ideally the only place you should get apps for your iPhone.

Open the App Store and start typing ‘WhatsApp.’ Tap on the search button, and it will bring up the app. If the app doesn’t appear, you might be using an outdated iPhone.

If the app appears, click on the Get button to install the app on your phone. Grant all required permissions and accept all the terms to enable WhatsApp to work as usual.

  • Open up the Share Sheet

There are many ways to get the Share Sheet to pop up. The Share Sheet is the share menu option on iOS devices that allow you to choose a way to share anything.

While there are many ways to bring it up, a clever way I came up with is attempting to share images from Photos. You don’t even need to connect to the internet.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone. If you’ve used your iPhone for a day, you should know where to find it.

Select a picture or video and click on the share icon. It’s like a vertical rectangle with an up-facing arrow through it.

This process should bring up the Share Sheet with all the apps to which you can share. WhatsApp will be unavailable.

  • Add WhatsApp to the Share Sheet

When the Share Sheet pops up, scroll to the very end of the list of options and tap on the three vertical dots labeled ‘More.’

When you do this, you’ll see a list of some of your installed apps with toggles after them. For example, if you have the Facebook app installed on your iPhone, you should see Facebook with the toggle on.

If the toggle on an app here isn’t on, it won’t appear in the Share Sheet.

If you have WhatsApp installed on your device, but it doesn’t appear on the share menu when you’re trying to share stuff, you’ll need to find WhatsApp on this list and toggle it on.

If you have many apps, you might have to do a bit of scrolling, as WhatsApp doesn’t stack up well alphabetically.

That’s it: you have added WhatsApp to your iPhone share sheet.

How to change the position of WhatsApp on the iPhone share menu

You’ve added WhatsApp to the share menu, but you don’t want to have to scroll to the end of the list to access it when sharing files.

Fortunately, there is a fix for that. While WhatsApp might be one of the last apps on the Share Sheet (no thanks to alphabetical order), you can easily change the order.

To change the position of WhatsApp in the share menu, open up the more option in the iOS Share Sheet and scroll down to the WhatsApp option. I’ve highlighted how to do this in the third step of the last section.

As WhatsApp is already part of the share menu, you don’t have to touch the toggle again. However, there are three horizontal lines after the toggle for each app.

Touch and hold the three horizontal lines after the toggle for WhatsApp and drag the option to your preferred location in the list.

Tap ‘Done’ at the top right when you’re done. Try sharing something else to see if you’ve followed the steps correctly.


In this article, you’ve learned learn how to add WhatsApp to share menu on iPhone. You should know that when you add WhatsApp to your iPhone’s Share Sheet, it might show up the names of your frequently messaged contacts whenever you’re sharing anything.

This feature makes it easier to send messages to your WhatsApp contacts without opening the app. If you have any issues adding WhatsApp to your iPhone’s share menu, you might need to read through the tutorial again; it’s easy to follow.

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