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How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text iPhone

We all get into group texts. You may be part of the graduation planning committee or just co-planning a work project; you can’t deny that group texting is an effective collaboration strategy. However, what happens when you fulfill the purpose of the group text? Maybe you completed the project or had wonderful graduation; what happens to the group text?

Almost nobody deletes them. It becomes an abode for arbitrary chitchat. While that is not bad, getting multiple vibrations and beeps for messages that don’t matter to you is the height of annoyance. You’ll soon find yourself looking for how to remove yourself from a group text iPhone.
You don’t have to keep up with this. If you’re on an iPhone, you can follow some simple steps to remove yourself from any group text on your iPhone.

How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text iPhone

If you’re on an iPhone, there are chances that you do all your basic texting on iMessage. That makes sense, as it is apparently more secure than the competitors with a plethora of amazing features.
Before leaving a group text, you want to make sure that you’ll never have anything to do with the group anymore. Once you remove yourself from a group text, you cannot add yourself back.

If you’re sick of the constant beeping and vibrations from unwanted messages, you can mute alerts from the group chat. If you think this is what you want, you’ll get a comprehensive guide in the next section.
If you’ve made up your mind to leave the annoying iMessage group chat, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

  • Open iMessage and select the group text that you want to leave.
  • At the top of the messages, tap on the group name. This will be everyone’s name if you didn’t name the group.
  • Tap the info button with an ‘i’ icon. Scroll down in the resulting page and select “Leave this Conversation” at the bottom.

It is worth noting that there are specific conditions when you cannot leave a group chat. For example, if one or more of the participants in the conversations isn’t running on Android, you’ll be unable to leave the group chat.
If there are some participants in the group text that are not running recent versions of iOS, the “Leave this Conversation” button will be unavailable.

How Too Mute A Group Text On iPhone

Sometimes, you still have some business to do with the group. You might also want to avoid coming across as arrogant by leaving your graduation group chat.
In these situations, you have a suitable workaround. This workaround won’t remove you from the group text. Instead, you will stop receiving notifications for messages from the group text.

This can be helpful when you’re trying to separate work from leisure, without having to sacrifice your sanity.
Here is how you can mute a group text on an iPhone.

  • Open iMessage and select the conversation that you’ll like to mute.
  • Tap the group name atop the messages. If the group is unnamed, the group name will be the names of some members in the group text.
  • Tap the info button with an ‘i’ icon on the resulting page.
  • On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and tap “Hide Alerts.” This option appears immediately before the “Leave this Conversation” button, and it’s in the form of a toggle.
  • You stop getting notifications when the toggle is mainly green, and you start getting them when the toggle is all white.

While one of these should fix your problem, there is still some possibility that they won’t. What if you don’t use iMessage as your primary messaging platform. What if you use something like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?
In the next section, you’ll learn how to remove yourself from a group text on your iPhone if you’re not using iMessage.

How To Leave A Messenger Group Text

Not all iPhone group texts happen on iMessage. Sometimes, you have some pro-Facebook Android users who will insist that you host the group text on Messenger or WhatsApp.

If your group text is on Messenger, how do you leave the group? Just like iMessage, you can leave or mute a group text on Messenger. When you mute conversations, they move to a specific section of the Messenger app where you can access them whenever you want. Here is how to remove yourself from a group text on Messenger for iPhone.

  • Open the Messenger app and tap on the conversation that you want to leave.
  • Tap the name of the conversation at the very top of the info icon (represented by an ‘i’). On the resulting screen, scroll to the bottom and select “Leave Group.”
  • While this will remove you from the group, it will also send a notification to all group members that you’ve left. If you don’t want this to happen, you can mute the conversation instead.
  • To mute a Messenger group text, you’ll need to follow almost the same steps as when you’re leaving a group. There is an exception; instead of selecting “Leave Group,” you’ll need to tap “Ignore Messages.”
  • This moves the conversation to the spam section of the Messenger app. Although you’ll continue receiving messages, they’ll go directly into the spam box.

You can move a conversation out of spam anytime to continue participating in the group text; nobody will ever know you’ve moved the group to spam. You just stop receiving the annoying notifications.


If you’ve ever participated in a super-busy group text, you’ll find yourself looking for how to remove yourself from a group text iPhone.

While the process is pretty simple, we don’t recommend it unless you have absolutely nothing to discuss with the group. If you want to keep staying in the group but restrict the annoying notifications, you can always mute the conversation.

If one or more of the participants is an Android user, you cannot remove yourself from the conversation; you can only mute them.

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