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How to Compress a PDF File for Free

PDF files are usually larger than Word files as sometimes their size goes into 100s of MBs because of the number of tables, HD images, and other data. Sharing those heavy-sized files becomes complicated as many online file-sharing platforms don’t support the files up to a specific limit. If you are facing this issue, don’t worry. A simple and effective solution can make your files shareable over multiple platforms. That solution is data compression.

What is Data Compression?

You could have read this term for the first time, but data compression isn’t a new thing or a unique process that people don’t know. However, for clarity, let’s explain what data compression is and how it can help in reducing PDF file size.

Data compression is the process of reducing the file sizes using the re-encoding method. The data is stored in lesser bits in this process compared to the original file. That’s how it can reduce file sizes and provide many benefits to PDF file users.

Benefits of Reducing PDF File Size

  • Decrease the burden on your systems
  • By compressing file sizes, you can free up a lot of disk space
  • Make your PDF files shareable
  • Enhance your system speed
  • Anyone can easily download files you share with them

After clarity about data compression and its benefits, let’s directly answer the question that brought you here.

How to Compress PDF File for Free?

The most common way of compressing PDF files is by using Adobe Acrobat Pro. This tool enables you to compress your file sizes without reducing quality, but you can’t get this tool for free. You will have to purchase its subscription, which not everyone wants to get. When users can do the same process for free and in a simple and timeless way, they don’t need to spend their money on that. 

The other way to compress file sizes is by using a free PDF compressor. As the use of this tool keeps the original images, figures, and tables quality maintained. Besides that, it doesn’t affect the formatting and any other element of the file. That’s why you don’t need to worry while reducing the file sizes using a PDF compressor.

The Process of Compressing PDF Files

Half of the task is completed once you find a good PDF compressor. 

If you are looking for an extraordinary and dependable tool, try DupliChecker’s compressor by clicking on the link https://www.duplichecker.com/compress-pdf.php.

Here are the next steps you should follow;

  • Upload your PDF file 
  • Tap or click the “Compress PDF” button
  • Your compressed PDF file will be ready to download within a few seconds
  • Tap or click the “Download” button, and it will be saved in your system

How is DupliChecker’s PDF Compressor Better than Other Tools?

DupliChecker is a tools-based website that offers many free tools to its visitors, and it has gained an excellent reputation in the online web-based tools world. Its PDF compressor is one of the most commonly used tools for multiple reasons stated below.

Doesn’t Affect the Quality

Usually, the PDF compressor and other file compressors reduce the file sizes by decreasing the quality of the data stored in those files. For example, if you are compressing a picture, the compressor will disturb its pixels and resolution, which ultimately reduces the quality. However, this is not the case with this PDF compressor. It keeps the same quality of all the elements of the files, like Adobe Acrobat. As a result, you will get the compressed file of the same quality you uploaded.

Don’t Show Pop-up and Spammy Ads

Many PDF compressors and other tools show third-party and spammy ads to users to make money for their tools’ up-gradation. But, DupliChecker doesn’t show those kinds of irritating ads, and users don’t need to close multiple tabs and ads before starting the process of compressing images. It’s another plus point that makes this PDF compressor better than its competitors.

Protect Users Data

Knowing the needs of people, many hackers and spammers have also built their tools-based websites to steal others’ data for later use. Those hackers store the users’ data on their servers, and many of them use that data for illegal and unethical use. That’s why you should be careful while selecting a PDF compressor. DupliChecker has been in this market for a long time and has built an excellent reputation due to its distinctive features. Among those features, the one that makes them a reliable choice is that it respects everyone’s privacy.

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PDF file compression isn’t a challenging task nowadays. There are multiple tools available in the market that make the process easier and accessible for everyone. However, not every tool is dependable, and you should not try them, especially when you have private data whose unethical use can haunt you later.

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