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How To See Someone’s Location On iMessage

Learn how to see someone’s location on iMessage, do you know you can actually see your friends and family location on your iPhone? yes, it is possible. It is not a trick, and it is very possible.

Today I am going to show you how you can easily see someone’s location on the iPhone using the iMessage app. All you have to do is to read and follow the simple instructions on this article. Tracking someone’s location on the iPhone is no longer hard unlike before, they have made everything very easy for us to easily track our friends and family location using the iMessage app.

Apart from the iMessage, they are actually some other easy and working methods of tracking someone’s location using your iPhone. I will try my best to show you some of the working methods so all you have to do is to read and choose the one you like.

The first method you should check out is eyeZy. Made for iOS, the monitoring app lets you see what they’re saying in their iPhone’s Messages app. The best part? You can see all messages sent between two iOS devices (blue bubble messages) and messages sent between their device and an Android device (green bubble messages).

Every text, every photo… it’s all there for you to review. Just install eyeZy on their device, let eyeZy run its first sync, and then pop into your eyeZy Control Panel to see what they said in iMessage.

But it’s not just about seeing their messages. eyeZy also shows you their location. And there’s no second app to install. Just go to your Control Panel and check out their current and past locations.

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Another great tool for seeing someone’s location is Localize.mobi. Rather than having to install an app, Localize.mobi works differently. Just enter the phone number of the person you want to locate along with a message (custom or your own). Then wait. When they tap the link in your message, Localize.mobi sends you their location.

Making Localize.mobi even better is the fact that it works on all devices, even the original iPhone if that’s what they happen to have. Definitely worth checking out.

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Hey, Do you know it is very possible to know the current location of your friends and family using the iMessage app? it actually seems impossible but you can really see their current location by following the procedures on this post. Note, will not cost you a dime to track someone’s location, it is totally free.

How To See Someone’s Location On iMessage

Do you want to track any of your friends and family location with your iPhone? if the answer is yes, kindly read and adhere to the below instructions:

  • First, select up to the victim device you wish to track, go to the iMessages app, and then click on its icon.
  • After you must have completed the above step, then open your conversation. You can also share with individuals and groups on iMessages.
  • Now check the top right corner of the Messages interface, Hit on the “i” (Information) button.
  • After completing the above steps, that, the details interface will be presented, then tap the “Share My Location” option and select the duration. Choose ‘Share indefinitely’ to track for a longer time ( this actually the best option for tracking your kids or your partner).
  • Last, it is time to know the person’s current location, kindly pick up your own iPhone device and open the “Find My Friend” to see where the person is right now.

That is all, I hope this above tutorial is simple, very easy to understand and straightforward? Answer me via the comment section. You can use the above step to see anybody’s location.

However, below is another strategy of tracking someone’s location on the iPhone.

How Do You Track A Family Members iPhone?

The iMessage is one of the best and recommended way of tracking a family member, however, if it is not convenient for you then you try the one below:

  • Turn on your iPhone and open your iCloud through settings to connect all family members by sending invites.
  • Now turn on the other iPhone device and open “settings”.
  • Then click the “iCloud” and swipe up to scroll downward.
  • After completing the above steps, now you can click on the “Share My Location” under the advanced settings.
  • You can use any third-party app, for example, “Find My Friends” or better still visit iCloud.com to view the location of that device.

Can You Track Someone’s Location By Their iPhone?

Are you still wondering if it is actually possible to track someone’s location by their iPhone? well, the bitter truth here is that it is absolutely possible to track someone’s location by their iPhone.

How To Block My iPhone From Being Tracked

Now you’ve finished learning how to see someone’s location on iMessage, it is also important to learn how to block your iPhone from being tracked. I have written a post that shows you everything on that so read it through the anchor link.


That is all guys, now read and adhere to all the above instructions. All of them are working perfectly so it is now left for you to choose the one you like and follow the instructions. So if you were searching for how to see someone’s location on iMessage, I believe that this post really helped you, however, if you still have further questions please ask me via the comment section.

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