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TikTok Won’t Let Me Change My Profile Picture: Fix

TikTok won’t let me change my profile picture what should I do? Experiencing this and probably confused on what to do! No cause for alarm A lot of users have experience of this as well.

I have done a series of research and observation when TikTok can’t change my profile picture and honestly based on my research, this has nothing to do with the client / user, it is usually from the servers end.

Why won’t TikTok let me change my profile picture

Profile picture is an important part of every social media handle or page, as it differentiate, beautifies and sometimes stands as a logo to your brand.

But what if TikTok won’t let me change my profile picture? What are the causes and how do I fix it? I know this question is probably running through your mind now.

The truth is, you are not alone on this, a lot of users encounter this problem, most times the app keeps hanging and displaying error messages.

Most times you could see an error message like “photo / video upload not available at the moment” web server downtime from the developers end usually causes this.

And other times the error message could display something like “No internet connection” even when your mobile data is On, this could be because of poor Network.  

Sometimes also you might not see any error message but the new profile picture won’t upload, there is no cause for alarm, read along and see some fixes.

How To Fix TikTok Won’t Let Me Change My Profile Picture

As stated earlier, the causes of this error is entirely not from the users end, it could be because of server downtime from the developers end or probably because of some poor Network issues.

However, here are some few fixes you can tryouts to see if it would work for you

  • Check Internet Connection

If TikTok won’t let you change your profile picture, try checking your network signal, you can as well switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi data and vice versa and also try some other internet – dependant apps to see if it works fine.

You can even switch off your network connection and switch on after a few seconds then try re-uploading to see if the problem persists.

Issues like this are bound to arise when there is poor Network / internet connection.

  • Check Server Status

TikTok is more likely to have a downtime server issues and this could cause your TikTok profile picture not updating.

You can always head on to TikTok’s support page on Twitter @TikTokSupport to see if there is any latest tweet concerning the issue. Or you can use DownDetector to see if there is a server downtime of TikTok or any app on your phone.

If indeed the issue is server related issue, then you might have to wait for TikTok developers to sort out the issue before attempting to upload again.

  • Restart App

Minimizing your screen and trashing your recent actions after logging out of TikTok and then restarting again could be a simple remedy you may have overlooked.

This has helped in most cases when issues like this arises on Snapchat or other apps.

  • Reboot Device

Rebooting your phone could be just all that it is to it, this is in fact the most simple yet effective way of fixing this sort of problem.

  • Clear TikTok app cache

Sometimes the apps may contain some corrupt files, and probably causes some of this error messages.

A simple debugging and cleaning the TikTok app cache will go a long way in solving issues like this. 

To clean the app cache, simply login to your profile, click on the menu button at the top of your screen, follow the drop-down menu and click on ” Settings and Privacy” then click on the “Clear Cache” button.

After clearing your TikTok app cache, try uploading your profile again and see if the problem persists.

  • Update Tiktok App

Using the old version of an app while there is a newer version could sometimes cause some apps crashing.

Make sure your TikTok app is up to date, you can install an auto update on all your apps so that you don’t have to constantly check for updates and probably stop the future occurrence of this issue.

  • Upload another Profile

TikTok profile picture size should be at least 20×20 pixels,

If TikTok doesn’t  allow you upload your profile, you should try checking the size of your pictures.

If you can’t determine the size, you can attempt uploading another different picture following the tiktok community guidelines and see if that fixes the issue at hand.

Because sometimes may be, the profile picture you are trying to upload might not be compatible or meet with the TikTok profile picture requirements.

  • Report To TikTok Customer Support service

If you have tried all the above steps and still your profile picture still refuses to upload, you can then seek help from TikTok.

On your profile wall, there is a menu button, click on it and hit on the “Settings and Privacy” button, scroll down a bit and click on “Report A Problem“.

On the drop-down menu, click on any of the topic that is related to the problem you are facing, or click on other. Then follow the Step-by-step guide to file your report.

I solely believe that the TikTok support team are in the best position to provide straightforward and easy solution to your error messages.

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We provided some possible causes why you can’t update your TikTok profile pictures and also dished out some solutions.

So if you are having such issues and searching for why TikTok won’t let me change my profile picture, and finds this post I hope it will be of help to you.

What do you have to say about this article? Did it solve your problem? We’re waiting for your review at the comment section.

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